Conservation safaris have been protecting the threatened species in the Wildebeest Migration Safari by keeping them out of the poachers. They could get nearer to the nature and become more aware of its value and importance. Quotes | Moreover, although countries such as South Africa are benefiting economically and commercially from eco-tourism (or more appropriately here: eco … In looser words -- Ecotourism is a term used to describe the act of 'tourism' itself alongside the promotion of environmental friendliness and conservation of wildlife (, The entire concept behind ecological tourism is for people to visit exotic landscapes and aid the protection and conservation of nature -- hence ecotourism offers an incentive for local people to help preserve and protect their environment and wildlife as it can provide them with a 'sustainable' income from tourism. It also provides an opportunity to learn the culture of certain people. What is even worse that these people do not get enough compensation for their habitat loss forget about employment opportunities. Driven by consumerism, these communities are shunning their traditional practices. More number of eco-tourists may fetch more dollars but there is a flipside to it. "10,000 km consumes 100 litres of fuel per person" [4421] nor the true extent impacts of their stay -- from the food they are eating to the water they are drinking. Gradually, travelers develop a conscientious mindset in sustainable resource utilization. For a more detailed overview and greater understanding of what ecotourism is really about then I highly recommend that you check out the fantastic speech from John Kasaona on 'How Poachers Became Caretakers'. It develops a sense of much better conservation ethic in them. Many countries could achieve a sustainable economic growth through ecotourism. Rather, the nature and wildlife can be preserved, which offers a sustainable choice of earning to the local people from travel and tourism. Ecotourism is gaining popularity and to meet the demands of ecotourists undeveloped land is being converted into profitable spaces. It is almost certain that as a result of tourism, there will be some negative impacts on the environment whether it be through littering (accidental or otherwise) through to the unplanned destructive infrastructure. Cages and enclaves in many wildlife sanctuaries are not up to the mark where the animals can be animals. Even with the promotion of ecotourism and environmental friendliness -- it is still inevitable on some levels that 'tourism' will cause a negative impact on wildlife through consumer pressures (e.g. It is almost certain that as a result of tourism, there will be some negative impacts on the environment whether it be through littering (accidental or otherwise) through to the unplanned destructive infrastructure. They put up music and dance performances to entertain tourists and unknowingly give in to exploitation. It can contribute to a country’s economic development and also benefit local people. It eventually imposes negative effects on the ecosystem and affects the ecological balance. It comes with a number of benefits and pitfalls as well. This, as opposed to the exploitation of their surrounding environment for its natural resources --that can only be used to make a quick singular unsustainable gain with rather negative environmental impacts. Events | This goes against the objectives of ecotourism. It might be encouraging that ecotourism sees 25% growth globally every year but not in the manner as expected. The eco-tourism industry is seeing a boom as the concept is getting much popular with each passing day. Eco-tourism is defined as “responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment, sustains the well-being of the local people, and involves interpretation and education" (TIES, 2016, pg. Like all other unique environmental efforts, eco-tourism also has some negative impacts on our surroundings. wit hin the tourism industry – the w orld’s largest service industry (Dimanche & Smith, 2008). And. If done right. Show More . Advantages of ecotourism. You carry your backpack, tents and use green transport which automatically reduces your travel cost. Resorts and varied types of accommodation set ups are cropping up disturbing the natural landscape. Ecotourism preserves cultural and traditional practices of local people. They need not have to travel or hire a third party to sell their products. As tourists visit local indigenous people and exotic landscapes and wildlife, there is a cultural education to be found.

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