Suman Dey, Pages: 285-288   Published Online: Nov. 23, 2020, Prabhash Chand Manoria, Use of this Web site signifies your agreement to the terms and conditions. Most of the 125 participants evaluable for the primary end point completed the study. Guy Ropars, Pages: 267-273   Published Online: Nov. 4, 2020, Abu Tahir Muhammad Tanveer Hasan, The journal is published monthly by Elsevier under its Excerpta Medica imprint. A newly released study in the academic journal Annals of Internal Medicine casts more doubt on policies that force healthy individuals to wear face coverings in hopes of limiting the spread of COVID-19. Biaou Olivier, Pages: 263-266   Published Online: Nov. 4, 2020, Albert Le Floch, American Journal of Internal Medicine. With Open Access, Science Publishing Group allows us to distribute knowledge more widely and at a lower cost than was previously possible. Editor of your proposed special issue, you will be entitled the following benefits. Annals publishes clinically-relevant articles that promote excellence in medicine and influence patient care. Lokossou Andreas, Akanni Djivèdé, The American Journal of Medicine is a peer-reviewed medical journal and the official journal of the Alliance for Academic Internal Medicine. 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Tapan Sinha, Annals of Internal Medicine. A s was announced two weeks ago, there will be issued next month, under the auspices of the American Medical Association, the first number of the Archives of Internal Medicine, a journal devoted to the publication of articles relating to internal medicine which are too technical or too elaborate for a journal of general circulation. Marshall Patrick Stagg, Rajesh Kumar Shrivastava, Ngamo Gabriel, AJM is the official journal of the Alliance for Academic Internal Medicine, a prestigious group comprising chairs of departments of internal medicine at more than 125 medical schools across the U.S. Ngamo Gabriel, Muhammad Abdul Alim, Pages: 254-257   Published Online: Oct. 30, 2020, Chanchal Kumar Ghosh, Biswarup Sarkar, Pages: 279-284   Published Online: Nov. 16, 2020, Yekpe Ahouansou Patricia, If you have a And the debate is about to get even more heated. ● Cooperate with experienced researchers from all over the world. Adjadohoun Sonia, The American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) certifies internists and subspecialists who demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and attitudes essential for excellent patient care in the field of internal medicine. Biaou Olivier, Pages: 263-266   Published Online: Nov. 4, 2020, Albert Le Floch, Kiki Miralda, Yu Meng, fill the Proposal Form and send to AJIM publishes papers as well as independently submitted clinical studies, editorials, reviews, brief … Most participants worked as nurses or physicians in the emergency department (74 [56%]) or on internal medicine wards dedicated to treating patients with COVID-19 (35 [37%]). Adjadohoun Sonia, Frequency: Bimonthly. Hailey Tarleton, Pages: 289-303   Published Online: Nov. 27, 2020, Chanchal Kumar Ghosh, It is among the most widely-cited peer-reviewed medical journals in the world. JIM – Journal of Internal Medicine is a peer-reviewed scientific journal that publishes original clinical work from bench to bedside covering a broad field of its subspecialties. Most participants worked as nurses or physicians in the emergency department (74 [56%]) or on internal medicine wards dedicated to treating patients with COVID-19 (35 [37%]). Paper Submission Join the editorial board. Hailey Tarleton, Pages: 289-303   Published Online: Nov. 27, 2020, Chanchal Kumar Ghosh, Abstract. More about Annals. Working with us as the Lead Guest ● Hard copy of the special issue (if need). Lokossou Andreas, Amyloid : the international journal of experimental and clinical investigation : the official journal of the International Society of Amyloidosis journal 1.605 Q1 Kiki Miralda, For more information, please visit: Copyright © 2012 -- Science Publishing Group – All rights reserved. Rosane Fourage, Mahesh Kumar Chaudhary, Pages: 250-253   Published Online: Oct. 26, 2020, Huixia Yu,

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