If you are looking to buy stools for a 40 to 44 inch height bar table, you should consider a stool … Wood & metal bar stools are usually built from 29 to 34 inches high? Bar stools can vary in their heights, because of the size of the cushion. Includes: Two (2) Counter Stools Material: Fabric Leg Material: Rubber Wood Finish: Navy Blue Leg Finish: Dark Brown Hand-Crafted Details Assembly Required Dimensions: 24.00 inches deep x 20.50 inches wide x 40.25 inches high Seat Dimensions… Durable enough for use in the shop or cafe, and stylish enough to use at home, the best choice for the office, party or any occasion, the stalest choice for the office, party or any occasion, add a wooden seat on the basic bar stool. When determining the length of a bar it is safe to figure about 2’ wide per person or bar stool for commercial applications and a little less for a cozy home bar. 26 inch Counter Height; 30 inch Bar Height; 34 inch Spectator Height; Bar Stool Size … Bar Stools 29 to 34 Inch Height Stools Looking for a 30 inch size bar stool? This does not include bars with a bar rail radius corner as small curved bar … 2. Standard Bar Dimensions. Most Common Seat heights of bar stools. Measure from the floor to the top or bar counter stool. The bar stool has a simple assembly with the tools and instructions in the box. Subtract 10-12 inches – this is your ideal seat height for your bar or counter stool. Size Guide 2 Easy Steps to choose the right seat height: 1.

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