Engineers joining management give multitasking ability for engineers. MBA after engineering is like “Shadi ka laddu” जो करे वो पछताए, जो ना करे वो भी पछताए। (Hindi close equivalent of “grass is always greener on the other side”). An MBA degree will teach you how to manage people with engineering degrees, who are going to be working for you. A master's degree in engineering tends to be the typical degree for engineers. Benefits of MBA after Engineering Courses Like B.Tech and B.E. Shah holds an MS in electrical engineering from Stanford and an MBA from Berkeley. Furthermore, MBA benefits may be muted, or even non-existent, for certain types of IT professionals. Here are the seven main benefits if you get an MBA degree after having pursued engineering from Tula’s Institute in Dehradun, the best college in India for MBA placement: An MBA degree is a reliable course with an equal value both in India and abroad. If you analyze the data of any MBA entrance exam worldwide, surprisingly the most number of applicants are from an engineering background. When considering continuing your education beyond a bachelor's … The versatility of a Master of Business Administration means that graduates from all disciplines - science, humanities, technology, and engineering - can supplement their bachelor’s studies to take their careers to the next level. Jokes apart, this is the reality for majority of people.

Leaders need the broader set of skills to be successful in today’s competitive business environment. Or is your bachelor’s degree in business or some other non-science field? It adds a tremendous amount of knowledge and skill set and adds bonus points to your resume. Earning these degrees online is one convenient way for busy professionals to pursue their education.

Learning how to manage people and systematise business structures effectively is a totally different ballgame. The MBA was originally created for Engineers that had great skills for logical problem solving but needed some of the business and soft-skills important in management. Engineering graduates in particular have been attracted to MBA programmes in recent years, both online and on-campus. : Every year, thousands of engineering graduates apply for admission in some of the top management institutes of the country . MBA admissions at every college are mostly dominated by students who come from an engineering …

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