Pick something you think you'll have fun with: unless this shit is your job or you really want to compete seriously then just have fun in the gym and don't do something too retarded, and you'll probably stick to it better than something you hate, and go to the gym with more drive and intensity. Rest as long as is needed between sets. 2.5kg/5lbs for upper body lifts (bench press, row, overhead press), Deadlifts 1x5+/Barbell rows 4x5, 1x5+ (alternate, so if you did deadlifts on Monday, you would do rows on Thursday, and so on), 3x8-12 seated cable rows OR chest supported rows, 4x5, 1x5+ bench press/4x5, 1x5+ overhead press (alternate in the same fashion as the rows and deadlifts), 3x8-12 overhead press/3x8-12 bench press (do the opposite movement: if you bench pressed first, overhead press here), 3x8-12 triceps pushdowns SS 3x15-20 lateral raises, 3x8-12 overhead triceps extensions SS 3x15-20 lateral raises, FINER DETAILS: AMRAP SETS AND PROGRESSION OF ACCESSORIES. I upvoted the fucking shit out of this with my one upvote. Nobody got big benching 1 plate regardless of how good their form is. They're not so neatly interchangeable. I know this sounds stupid, but it makes sense. Here is another templated spreadsheet for the same program, except this one allows for 1RM inputs to suggest starting weights for the lifter. Great contribution. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Been doing PPL the past 4 years. I'm a big believer in just practising the movement as a warmup. MY GYM OR GARAGE DOESN'T HAVE XYZ, WHAT CAN I DO INSTEAD? If you're an intermediate lifter then go for it, try it out, it may work for you. Personally I had success taking the reddit PPL and using some of Greg Nuckols' progressions from his free 28 programs on the main lift each day. Yes, you can adapt this program for more intermediate lifters, but I wouldn't like to try and formalise something like that. I would recommend doing ab work on your deadlift days and your squat days if you want to do ab work. One of the most effective is the PPL split: push, pull, and legs. Specificity is also pretty key if you want to lift heavy weights. This has been my go-to for training split for those times when I've needed to center myself again and get "boring yet productive." I can guarantee that when you're squatting 315lbs for reps that your form at 225lbs is picture perfect. I'll work that in later on. Same here. , Press J to jump to the feed. It's something I hadn't thought of, since I have a borderline-autistic savant memory for things I do in the gym, but here is spreadsheet created by /u/Mobius000 which will make tracking this a walk in the park. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Discussion of physical fitness/exercise goals and how they can be achieved, Press J to jump to the feed. I wouldn't recommend it, because that'd put frequency of all the lifts at only once per week. There is no Best PPL program. As you get more advanced, you need more stimulus and more time to adapt. I'd consider myself "advanced … Personally, I would run the program in the Pull, Push, Legs order. The lifts that follow are accessory lifts, designed to build muscle, balance out weakpoints and improve your strength in the main lifts. hammer curls and dumbbell curls can really be replaced by any curl variation: it's a curl, shit ain't that serious! The workout sessions are divided by the type of motion used to perform exercises, into three categories: Push workouts consist of upper body push I have been enjoying ICF, but I would be dishonest if I said that anything other than aesthetics is my main goal right now. PPL, LPP or any other order. There is no “best”. I think I'll add an exercise substitution section, actually.

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