First up on the list is the Fiskars X25 28-inch splitting axe. The company strives to improve on each new model of axe by learning about the pros and cons of the past models in previous generations. The head is made from steel treated with a low friction coating for easier extraction from the wood and the 36-inch handle from a fiber composite. Of course, all of this craftsmanship and premium features come with an appropriate price tag, but you’ll understand why it costs what it does when you use it. In this way, it is unlike a felling axe that cuts through the wood fibers. With a balance on quality and effectiveness, this is the ideal axe for the person who wants great aesthetics and effectiveness. Fiskars x27, one of the best splitting axes today and … Replacement handles are available and the straight handle makes for the most efficient use of your strength and the force of your swing. To help you make an informed choice when you're next shopping for a splitting axe, here are all the factors you will need to consider. (Best Value) An excellent hatchet for off-road tourism, a very multifunctional … That’s because it allows for the wood to dry faster. The company is owned by the same parent company (Hultafors Group) that owns and makes the Hults Bruk brand of axes. Their axes are forged from a single piece of American steel at their factory in Rockford, Illinois. Its lightweight may not be suitable for larger chunks and rounds. Axe This is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program. In general, though, the Fiskars X27 super splitting axe is an excellent choice for heavy-duty splitting of large pieces of wood, especially dense hardwoods. That’s because the drying process allows mini-cracks to open up, with the fibres holding the wood together weakening their hold. With so many splitting axes in the market, it may become difficult choosing the best one for you. The Gransfors Bruks splitting axe (31 inches) is no different. It is, however, made in China, and is quite basic. If you have a pesky piece of hardwood that doesn’t want to split in one clean break, for example, you can also use the sharper edge of the splitting axe to cut into the edge of the wood, weaken the whole piece, and make it easier to split. Their extra weight and blunt edges will simply break apart the wood from the force of the blow. Fiskars X27 Super Splitting Ax – Best Overall. It’s composite handle is 36 inches and, like other Fiskars axes, the handle is molded around the axehead. Highly recommended. This product is ideal for the regular user who needs an effective splitting axe that will last them for years to come. This beast of a splitting axe, with a 3-½ pound axehead, comes with a steel collar on the handle just beneath the axehead. Today, hickory is the most common type used while ash is more popular in Europe because it is known for its longevity. Since it’s an American company, Council Tool also offers excellent and fast customer service, and will replace your axe in case of any manufacturer’s defects. Wooden Handle Splitting Maul, Performance Tool M7113 6-Pound Splitting Maul With Fiberglass Handle, Estwing Fireside Friend Axe – 14″ Wood Splitting Maul with Forged Steel Construction & Shock Reduction Grip – E3-FF4. You can use it to cut and split woods for bonfires and others. Splitting axes and mauls won’t make good felling axes, but they’ll tear apart wood when it’s on the ground better than any other type of axe.eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'awesomeaxes_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_10',121,'0','0'])); The issue with general-purpose and especially felling axes is that their profiles are often too narrow (put another way – their cheeks are too thin), and their axeheads too light, to really deliver the force needed to split apart a large log or round of wood.

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