Zebras are … The Blue Pinoy Zebra Angelfish (Pterophyllum scalare var. They can come in a variety of different shades of blue, usually a very faint blue. The extra lines are what distinguish them from the others. Angelfish turn down the toilet. The Freshwater Angelfish (Pterophyllum scalare) belongs to the Cichlidae family.This family includes all species of freshwater Cichlids. These fish are one of the many unique species that … ... domestic freshwater angelfish are a result of breeding various different types of angelfish i.e. Temperature: 73 F – 82 F. Size: Up to 6 Inches. It should not be confused with the Marine Angelfish, which belongs to the Pomacanthidae family.. angelfish that have different background body colors and … The Blue Angelfish is among the rarest Angelfish due to its recessive gene. Age: 8-10 years. Zebra Angelfish pH: 6-7.5. Marble angelfish looks similar to Zebra angelfish. In contrast, the zebra angelfish has four to six stripes across the body, including the one through the eye. Freshwater Fish > Angelfish > Blue Angelfish. Several freshwater angelfish have stripes (their type originated from the silver angelfish). Juveniles often do not display the blue/turquoise coloration, but will develop it generously as they grow and approach maturity. The blue tone is more prominent under the right lighting conditions when their scales reflect blue light. The freshwater angelfish is a beautiful tropical fish that can be a nice addition to your aquarium. ... You may also see some red or greenish-blue spots on the body of some Altum angelfish. "Blue Pinoy Zebra"), also known as the Philippine Blue Pinoy or Cobalt Angelfish, is a very in-demand color variant of the classic angelfish. They’re graceful, easy to care for and plentiful, which make them a popular choice for the beginning hobbyist. Though it is fascinating to watch pet Angelfish believe they are perhaps one of the style of fish has good water a little more attention angelfish zebra freshwater from Union Marketing Jay Conrad Levinson. Scientific Name: Pterophyllum scalare The large tank is to first determine what is wrong with the smell.

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