The range of pedals that the Pegasus is a part of is all this larger size. Tantrum. Which Caline Pedals to Avoid . The Chellee Ponyboy is a beast, and it’s worth checking out. In terms of a well made USA produced pedal, the Chellee is hard to beat. JF-05. Moen - Dr. J - Biyang - Newkirk - BLAXX - NUX - Coolmusic - Pyle - I’ve seen only a few on eBay .. including a Behringer EQ clone (itself a clone … For epic lead tones, pair this with the Joyo Aquarius delay pedal. Another factor that makes the Chellee Ponyboy is it is built like a tank. You can Buy it for $64,70 . The Soul Food, even with the build quality issues, still made a list. Here is a guide to the clone pedals that actually sound good with reviews from top YouTube channels and bloggers as well as pedal collectors, pedal builders, experienced musicians and sound technicians. If you’re lucky enough to own either a Gold or Silver Klon Centaur, you’re one of the lucky few on Earth. 10 series. Most people can’t justify spending over $2000 on a used overdrive pedal, so if you fit into this category, this list is for you. If you locked your keys in the car and can’t find a brick to break the window, then the Archer Ikon is for you! Behringer UC200 Ultra Chorus. Use with other pedals to shape the total gain, as a stand-alone overdrive, or as a slightly dirty boost to push the front end of your amp. Value for money wise, the Caline kills the Soul Food, and it’s also a better-made pedal than the EHX. I put a lot of time and effort into this post, so please share it on Twitter or Facebook if you found it valuable. I would highly suggest this pedal if the size is of concern. CP-12. Blue … Chez Caline, nous avons repéré/identifié déjà trois pédales : - la CP-19 est un Mad Professor Deep Blue Delay (la CP-17 aussi, dans un boîtier plus large) - la CP-12 est un clone de Timmy - la CP-18 est un clone de BB preamp Autrement dit 3 très bonnes pédales qu'on peut avoir actuellement pour 38$. Can even be used as a buffer because this pedal is not true bypass. For the price, it will be considered by many the best value for money Klone out there. CP-15. I have extensive experience playing live as well as in a home studio situation. The Caline Midlander is not covering any new ground, but it sounds great. Lots of its effects sound great (and accurate), some less great, but all are available at a low price. CP-10. Caline did make a few pedals I suggest you avoid. Orange Burst. MXR Phase 90. JF-07. This pedal features the tones of the Klon with just a little bit of extra gain added to the mix. Everyone needs a good mid-bump overdrive in their arsenal. Caline Pegasus. JF-01. CP-13. One of the sad things about EHX pedals is their build quality. The EHX Soul Food has somehow doubled in price since its original release, but it does nail the tones of the Klon. With the switch in buffered mode, you’ll be allowing a more accurate top-end tone to come through. Fulltone OCD. This pedal is called the Golden Horse Overdrive. You are also paying a much more premium price for this unit, so weigh up whether or not it is within your budget. Ever been confused by all the cheap pedals on EBAY and Amazon ? Slim, compact design ensures that this pedal will fit anywhere on your board setup. Much like the Clone Centaur, the top end has been slightly attenuated, giving you a slightly warmer/darker sound than the original. Mine broke very easily, and EHX has crap customer service. One of the features of the Klon KTR is that on the side of the pedal, there is a selectable true-bypass switch. The Caline Midlander is a Tubescreamer clone. The Caline Midlander is a Tubescreamer clone. The original Klon Centaur pedal sells for thousands of dollars on the used market. What I like about this pedal is that it pays tribute to the Klon visually-speaking, but also has enough of its own thing going on to stand out. JF-08. I would buy the Caline Pegasus over this if I had to do it all over again.

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