, "image_3" : "/wcsstore/MasterCatalog/catalogentries/94x94/additionalimages/473600_alt_2.jpg" }, "Width_|_121.920":"4" "image_1" : "/wcsstore/MasterCatalog/catalogentries/94x94/205800_thumb.jpg" "image_3" : "/wcsstore/MasterCatalog/catalogentries/646x1000/additionalimages/3471800_alt_2.jpg" "image_3" : "/wcsstore/MasterCatalog/catalogentries/94x94/additionalimages/3563800_alt_2.jpg" "Color_|_Satin Chrome":"1" "image_3" : "/wcsstore/MasterCatalog/catalogentries/94x94/additionalimages/4717700_alt_2.jpg" ID: 742, But it has taken about 6 years and they seem to be wearing out. "Height_|_1":"2" CREATED: 2013-12-09 21:30:30.02, }, , "catentry_id" : "12152", Ocala, Fla. — August 3, 2016 — ClosetMaid’s dependable SuperSlide closet rod support system has added a new metal closet rod support to its assortment, making it the strongest support bracket in the collection. The material is obviously under-spec'd. , "field4" : "", "catentry_id" : "12193", As others have suggested designing it to be stronger, by maybe adding a metal clip at the end.. ID: 1322, } "Color_|_Nickel":"1" "catentry_id" : "12187", , }, TITLE: Satisfied, "image_3" : "/wcsstore/MasterCatalog/catalogentries/646x1000/additionalimages/471400_alt_2.jpg" If you are going to use the closet for hanging clothing you will need to buy a lot of the hooks to replace the broken ones when you find your clothes in the floor or put the hooks closer together that what they initially recommend. "image_2" : '' , , "image_1" : "/wcsstore/MasterCatalog/catalogentries/646x1000/471700_full.jpg" "ItemImage" : "/wcsstore/MasterCatalog/catalogentries/646x1000/3205800_full.jpg", "ItemImage467" : "/wcsstore/MasterCatalog/catalogentries/646x1000/562900_full.jpg", ], [ , TITLE: poor design, "image_2" : "/wcsstore/MasterCatalog/catalogentries/646x1000/additionalimages/925700_alt_1.jpg" }, , "image_2" : "/wcsstore/MasterCatalog/catalogentries/646x1000/additionalimages/471700_alt_1.jpg" "image_4" : "/wcsstore/MasterCatalog/catalogentries/646x1000/additionalimages/3563800_alt_3.jpg" , "ItemThumbnailImage" : "/wcsstore/MasterCatalog/catalogentries/200x310/205100_thumb.jpg" "ItemImage" : "/wcsstore/MasterCatalog/catalogentries/646x1000/3473500_full.jpg", "ItemThumbnailImage" : "/wcsstore/MasterCatalog/catalogentries/200x310/4714700_thumb.jpg" ID: 810, © 2020 ClosetMaid LLC. , "Height_|_1":"1" "Width_|_72":"4" "Attributes" : { "image_1" : "/wcsstore/MasterCatalog/catalogentries/646x1000/3563800_full.jpg" NICKNAME: mickeyg561. "Color_|_White":"1" , }, "image_4" : "/wcsstore/MasterCatalog/catalogentries/94x94/additionalimages/7563800_alt_3.jpg" "image_4" : "/wcsstore/MasterCatalog/catalogentries/94x94/additionalimages/5638700_alt_3.jpg" { , "image_1" : '' W - 120 in. CREATED: 2016-04-04 15:49:54.306, "Width_|_243.840":"4" ,"ItemAngleThumbnail" : { NICKNAME: dave. , , { "Depth_|_0.5":"3" , NICKNAME: LA. "ItemAngleFullImage" : { "image_3" : "/wcsstore/MasterCatalog/catalogentries/94x94/additionalimages/471400_alt_2.jpg" "ItemImage467" : "/wcsstore/MasterCatalog/catalogentries/646x1000/471400_full.jpg", }, }, "ItemAngleThumbnailShortDesc" : { "ItemThumbnailImage" : "/wcsstore/MasterCatalog/catalogentries/200x310/205600_thumb.jpg" Fine product, used 3 Js on a 6 foot span plus end brackets plus a middle wall triangle support. The front part of the top of the bracket that goes over the shelf wiring snapped off on two of the brackets. ID: 1524, "image_2" : '' , , "ItemThumbnailImage" : "/wcsstore/MasterCatalog/catalogentries/200x310/3205200_thumb.jpg" "image_1" : "/wcsstore/MasterCatalog/catalogentries/646x1000/3471700_full.jpg" "ItemImage" : "/wcsstore/MasterCatalog/catalogentries/646x1000/205100_full.jpg", , , "Height_|_1.587":"2" "image_2" : '' , ID: 2952, I have used this system at 2 different houses and really liked it until half my closet came crashing down at 3 Am this morning. "image_5" : "/wcsstore/MasterCatalog/catalogentries/94x94/additionalimages/471800_alt_4.jpg" , TEXT: I put in the ClosetMaid system throughout my house when we moved in Feb, 2004. The connection points should be made stronger so that it lasts more than a few years. "ItemImage467" : "/wcsstore/MasterCatalog/catalogentries/646x1000/3205700_full.jpg", , , My entire closet rod fell down tonight due to j hooks that have just crumbled and broke apart. properly. "image_1" : "/wcsstore/MasterCatalog/catalogentries/646x1000/471400_full.jpg" , TITLE: Junk, "ItemImage467" : "/wcsstore/MasterCatalog/catalogentries/646x1000/205200_full.jpg", CREATED: 2019-01-03 01:05:27.462, , It seems to me that the problem could be easily resolved by simply adding a metal core to the hook. }, "Attributes" : { "ItemAngleFullImage" : { Cubes, Bins & Drawers. , , "Height_|_1":"2" The new closet rod support was developed to satisfy customer demand. }, ]. , "Depth_|_0.625":"3" "buyable" : "true", This closet is full of Winter coats, and after 20 years the middle of the 3 Js broke. I may replace this stuff with similar Rubbermaid system that has metal supports. , , I was thrilled to find them online and also to find the ones to upgrade the shelves with 12 inch spacers. "ItemImage467" : "/wcsstore/MasterCatalog/catalogentries/646x1000/13700_full.jpg", I had four on a 10 foot span (every 30 inches). , NICKNAME: Doug. "image_3" : "/wcsstore/MasterCatalog/catalogentries/646x1000/additionalimages/5638700_alt_2.jpg" It has been about 4 years and one day I walked into my closet and all my clothes were on the floor. All Products. "seo_url" : "http://closetmaid.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?urlRequestType=Base&catalogId=10303&categoryId=10123&productId=10202&urlLangId=124&langId=124&top_category=%5BLjava.lang.String%3B%4053c9a817&parent_category_rn=21069&storeId=11353", }, CLOSETMAID 7556 Metal Shelf Clips for Wire Shelving, 48 Per Pack-7556, 4" x 3", White. EMAIL: kmwhansen@juno.com, }, EMAIL: fbmarkham@gmail.com, All Items (29)Closet Shelves (9)Closet Rods (3)Closet Drawers (5)Closet Systems (11)Tie Racks & Belt Racks (1) ClosetMaid Style+ 48 in. "buyable" : "true", "ItemImage" : "/wcsstore/MasterCatalog/catalogentries/646x1000/3471400_full.jpg", "image_3" : "/wcsstore/MasterCatalog/catalogentries/646x1000/additionalimages/13700_alt_2.jpg" "image_2" : "/wcsstore/MasterCatalog/catalogentries/94x94/additionalimages/205700_alt_1.jpg" "image_5" : "/wcsstore/MasterCatalog/catalogentries/94x94/additionalimages/205900_alt_4.jpg" "mc_desc" : "Closet Rod Support", I have done used these for years and so far no broken hook(s) my only complaint is I wish they made the hook shorter, even an inch would make a difference in clearances in standard closets when usin an upper and lower set. The system was already installed when I moved in. , "ItemAngleFullImage" : { "image_2" : "/wcsstore/MasterCatalog/catalogentries/94x94/additionalimages/925700_alt_1.jpg" To whom it may concern at closet maid, are you willing to offer up any solutions for your product that failed fresh out of the box?

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