Students, International Deadlines and Decisions, Postbac Premed Not all courses are taught each academic year. Clinical and Research Opportunities, Current Columbia in Amman and Paris: Middle Eastern and North African Studies (MENA) Program, Columbia Summer in Amman and Tunis: Middle Eastern and North African Studies, Not offered during the Spring 2018 semester, Columbia in London- Queen Mary University, Columbia Summer Program in Tunis and Istanbul: Democracy and Constitutional Engineering, Slavic Languages- Office of Global Programs, CLEN OC3245 Black Americans and the City of Light: A Seminar (Effective beginning Summer 2020), Columbia University in the City of New York, Postbac Premed Office HoursMonday–Friday9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. 208 Hamilton Hall, Mail Code 28051130 Amsterdam Avenue New York, NY 10027, Follow on Facebook Follow on Twitter Follow on Instagram, 510 Mudd Hall, Mail Code 4714500 W. 120th St.New York, NY 10027, © 2020 Columbia University | Privacy | Terms of Use | Accessibility | Notice of Non-Discrimination |University Home Page, First-Year/Sophomore Technical Requirements, Premedical Advisory Committee Letter of Evaluation, Peer Academic Skills Consultants Profiles, Apply to be a Peer Academic Skills Consultant, Meet with a Peer Academic Skills Consultant, Columbia Journey Seminars for First-Year Students, Internship and Research Assistantship Grant. In the first year, Columbia Engineering students take The Art of Engineering, a hands-on design course that introduces scientific concepts re-framed in engineering terms and applied across the broad range of engineering di… Coursework, Previously U.S. Pluralism courses focus on diverse communities within the United States. of Recommendation, Academic Resource Filter by core requirements: (-) Remove Science Requirement filter Science Requirement; Global Core (20) Apply Global ... Columbia University Global Programs. Admissions, University-Wide Grants, Private Opportunities, Built using Employees, Counseling Core Curriculum Books Columbia University's Core Curriculum is one of the nation's oldest and most renowned Core programs and defines the Columbia experience. and Initiatives, Contemporary Civilization/​Social Science, Evolutionary Biology of the Human Species, Colloquia, Interdepartmental Seminars, and Professional School Offerings, petition to have the course count toward the Global Core requirement, Premedical Clinical and Research Placement Exams, Dual and Joint Degree Honors, Study Drawing on primary texts and artifacts—including texts, films, ritual performances, and oral sources—the offerings in the Global Core invite students to think deeply about the predicates and values of different societies and systems of belief. Center, International Students, Counseling Courses in the Global Core are organized around a set of primary texts or artifacts, which may range from texts of literate traditions to media (e.g. Programs, Types of Financial Contact Us. 1000-1400), African Art: The Next Generation. Below is the full list of all courses offered abroad through Columbia-sponsored programs that are approved for the Global Core requirement, regardless of semester offered. Military Veterans, Veterans Request School, Applying to Medical Core Curriculum The purpose of the core curriculum is to ensure that every MA student in the Global Thought program receives a theoretical, broad-based, interdisciplinary foundation in the concepts behind global thought. & Social Justice Education Programs, Student Listings, Majors and Admitted Students, Current Curriculum, Course for Certification, Applying for The Core Curriculum - Global Core The Global Core requirement consists of courses that examine areas not the primary focus of Literature Humanities and Contemporary Civilization and that, like other Core courses, are broadly introductory, interdisciplinary, and temporally or spatially expansive. Each of the core courses will expose students to a range of approaches, methods, and theories, while allowing them to work directly with leading scholars in […] Coaching, Pre-Professional Clinical and Research Opportunities, Premedical Admissions, Undergraduate Columbia students who study abroad in an approved program and who take a course that fulfills the aims of the Global Core may petition to have the course count toward the Global Core requirement. Below is the full list of all courses offered on the Morningside Campus that are approved for the Global Core requirement, regardless of semester offered. Sessions/Campus Visits, Newly Admitted Scholarships, Federal and State 208 Hamilton Hall Mail Code 2805 1130 Amsterdam Avenue New York, NY 10027. Fair, Planning Your Military Veterans, Financial Aid and Certificate Programs, Applying to Medical Program, Curriculum Planning, Premedicine Employees, Postbac Premed General Information: Office of Academic Planning and Administration, 202 Hamilton Hall; 851-9814; Current List: Global Core Requirement Bulletin The Global Core requirement asks students to engage directly with the variety of civilizations and the diversity of traditions that, along with the West, have formed the world and continue to interact in it today. Admissions, Application Financial Aid, Prospective Undergraduate Placement Exams, Dual and Joint Degree Global Awareness courses focus on areas outside the United States, and one U.S. Pluralism (PL) course. Admission, Linkage For more information, consult the Office of Global Programs. Scholarships and Grants, Financial Aid for For more information on the petition process, the petition application, and specific deadlines, please refer to the relevant section of the GS Study Abroad page. and Initiatives, Toggle Undergraduate Majors and Concentrations, Toggle Postbaccalaureate Premedical Program, Center for the Study of Ethnicity and Race, Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies, CLEN OC3245 Black Americans and the City of Light, FILM S4215 Contemporary Global Documentary. The Global Core requirement consists of courses that examine areas not the primary focus of Literature Humanities and Contemporary Civilization and that, like other Core courses, are broadly introductory, interdisciplinary, and temporally or spatially expansive. The Global Core courses ask students to stand outside the Western tradition and encounter cultures that have flourished in other parts of the world, including Africa, Asia, the Americas, and the Middle East. Columbia students who study abroad in an approved program and who take a … Programs, Institutional Focus: Congo, Contemporary Arts of Africa (Effective beginning fall 2020), Critical Approaches to Persianate Painting, Novels of Immigration, Relocation, and Diaspora, Plato and Confucius: Comparative Ancient Philosophies, Egypt in the Classical World (Effective beginning Spring 2020), Friendship in Asian and Western Civilization, Topics in Global Thought: Global 20-Youth in an Interconnected World, Blood/Lust: Staging the Early Modern Mediterranean [in English], Transnational Memory Politics and the Culture of Human Rights, Postcolonial Narrative and the Limits of the Human, Introduction to Major Topics in Asian Civilizations: East Asia, Supernatural in East Asia (Effective beginning Spring 2020), Mediations, Perceptions, Words: Poetry in Buddhist Literature, Japanese Anime and Beyond: Gender, Power and Transnational Media, China's Global Histories: People, Space, and Power (Effective beginning Fall 2019), Sonic Modernity in East Asia (Effective beginning Spring 2020), Life-Writing in Tibetan Buddhist Literature, Comparing Indigeneities (Effective beginning Spring 2020), Competing Nationalisms in East Asia: Representing Chinese and Tibetan Relations in History, Theaters of Gods and Heroes (Effective beginning Spring 2020), Fantastic Fictions: Postmodern Asian American Literature (Effective beginning Summer 2020), Novels of Immigration, Relocation, Diaspora, Contemporary Global Documentary (Effective beginning Summer 2019), Francophone Romance : Love and Desire in French Colonial and Post-Colonial Literatures, FRANCOPHONE ROMANCE LOVE, SEX, INTIMACY IN THE FRENCH COLONIAL WORLD, Everyday Communism (Effective beginning Spring 2020), INTERNATIONAL & GLOBAL HISTORY SINCE WWII, THE HISTORY OF UNITED STATES RELATIONS WITH EAST ASIA, History of South Asia I: al-Hind to Hindustan, Byzantine Encounters in the Mediterranean and the Middle East, Popular Culture in Modern African History (Effective beginning Fall 2019), Jews in the Later Roman Empire, 300-600 CE, Empires and Cultures of the Early Modern Atlantic World, Encounters with Nature: The History of Environment and Health in South Asia and Beyond, Jewish Culture in Translation in Medieval Iberia, Latin American Humanities I: From Pre-Columbian Civilizations to the Creation of New Nations, Latin American Humanities II: From Modernity to the Present [In English], Endangered Languages in the Global City: Lang, Culture, and Migration in Contempary NYC, Introduction to Major Topics in the Civilizations of the Middle East and India, Colonialism: Film, Fiction, History & Theory, Literature and Cultures of Struggle in South Africa, Arabic Literature As World Literature (renumbered to, Islamic Central Asia (Effective beginning Fall 2020- offered as a one-time course), Locating Africa in the Early 20th Century World, New Millenium Challenges in Arabic Literary Production, Afro-Mediterranean Cultural Geographies: Ifriqiya-Tunis, War Narrative: The Arab World (Effective beginning Fall 2019), ARABIC LITERATURE AS WORLD LITERATURE (formerly, The Armenian Genocide and the Holocaust: Memory and Representation, Listening and Sound in Cross-Cultural Perspective, Sound and Image in Modern East Asian Music, Religion and the History of Hip Hop (Effective beginning Spring 2020), Religion in Black America: An Introduction, Judaism and Translation in the Medieval and Early Modern Mediterranean, Judaism and Courtly Literature in Medieval and Early Modern Iberia and Italy, Tantra in South Asia, East Asia & the West, On African Theory: Religion, Philosophy, Anthropology, Russia and Asia: Orientalism, Eurasianism, Internationalism, Race, Ethnicity, and Narrative, in the Russian/Soviet Empire, Culture/History Seminar of the Middle East-North Africa Summer Program in Amman &Tunis, The World Responds to the Greeks: Greece Faces East, LONDON IN POSTCOLONIAL FICTION: 'WE ARE HERE BECAUSE YOU WERE THERE, The Muslim and the Christian in Balkan Narratives, The Black Voices of Black Model: New Perspectives for the Histories of Art, "Blackness" in French: from Harlem to Paris and Beyond, Women and Society - The Sex Trade Economy.

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