Tableau software boasts over 60,000 user accounts and is used across a multitude of industries. Don’t be fooled, however, by its accessibility and ease of use. Any chart made on another platform, such as matplotlib or ggplot2, can be made interactive on Plotly. For those creating stock charts, there’s a sister package, Highstock. You have a mixture of non-techie users and a team of experts (to build deeper use). Sisense is a meaty, full-stack data analytics platform that gathers data from multiple sources into one place. Its user-friendly, sleek-looking, professional-feeling interface, customisable axes, notes, legends and layout, and built-in social sharing capability are all factors that add to Plotly’s popularity as a data visualisation platform. Does my business need a customer data platform? Unlike many other platforms, all FusionCharts charts have scrolling capability, and there’s the option for both cylinder and thermometer charts which aren’t always available elsewhere. Along with AI, the need for interactive maps is on the rise and will, no doubt, continue to do so. They’re a simple, time-honored way to show a comparison among different sets of data. Sponsored: Software vendors advertise on our site by bidding for placement. However, we generally recommend Tableau to those who aren’t on their first rodeo and is primarily best for experienced users due to its advanced machine learning capabilities and customisable features. FusionCharts also works great with server-side languages. There are also node diagrams for network simulation applications and organisation charts. I haven’t even got on to Google Data Studio, Microsoft Power BI, or IBM Watson Analytics, though these big names do beg a similar comparison article in themselves. As such, that interactive element will be indispensable, particularly in outward-facing visualisations that are designed to engage the public. It has proved itself a favourite with media organisations, being built specifically for journalists, who love that it allows the embedding of live charts directly into their articles. Data visualization is set to move beyond simple storytelling, with increasing demand for a more interactive experience for the communication of complex issues. Sisense’s drag-and-drop interface allows for the creation of everything from simple charts through to complex graphics visualisations, all interactive, which can be shared across organisations. If you are looking to become a data visualisation expert, Tableau is definitely a contender. This facilitates the discovery of your data by the end-user seeking a certain piece of data with awareness of retrieval of any relevant items, in spite of any circumstances, even if th… There’s a reason we learn how to make column charts in elementary school. It is also great for creating self-service business intelligence. You have the time and resources for training and if analytical reporting is important to you. FusionCharts is another widely used data visualization platform with 28,000 users in 118 countries. Quickly review and compare BI products side-by-side, and purchase the perfect solution to empower your business. If you are happy building custom dashboards for internal reporting, SaaS products or for distributed products. The most up-to-date, real-time information and advanced analytics solutions are an expensive waste of … The Best Data Visualization Tools for 2020 Where business intelligence (BI) tools help with parsing large amounts of data, visualization tools help present that data in new ways to facilitate understanding and decision making. As a result of this new profusion of data, it’s little surprise that a wealth of data visualisation and analysis tools that are now available. QlikView is, in addition, a powerful business intelligence, analytics and enterprise reporting tool. QlikView is more useful for anyone who is serious about creating their own analytics and guiding their own data analysis, QlikSense is best used for self-service visualization. Plotly is great for Data Analysts and Data Scientists. Qlik Sense: Formerly QlikView, Qlik Sense is another business intelligence solution that allows users … As such, more of us will need to be au fait with data as part of our everyday work, pushing the need for more platforms that make data analytics and visualization accessible for all to use. Features of Data Visualization Software. There is a 14-day free version available which is perfect if you want to do the old try before you buy. Easily visit different vendor websites, or watch demos right from a company's overview page. It is easily embeddable into websites and blogs, remaining live and interactive in situ. Easily filter and drill down to get to the details without submitting another report request. It can be hard to compare data visualization tools when you don’t know how the other data visualization tools stack up against the ones you have used or know about. Data Visualization tools take complex and nuanced business problems and make them digestible for your entire team. This success may be at least partially due to its ease of use. Break free of endless pivot tables and start dragging and dropping your way to intuitive reporting. The key is finding the tool that offers the features you require for your own purposes. The platform integrates smoothly with Hadoop, Amazon AWS, MySQL, SAP, and Teradata. Tableau’s biggest competitor is QlikView which has over 40,000 user accounts across 100 different countries. Each has its own specialist areas – things that one is better at than another and vice versa. This has spawned a whole host of data visualization tools for us to choose from. Instead, it uses its own Qlik Associated engine to pull data together. The paid “Creator” version is $70/month which gives you access to all the different Tableau tools. View company profiles, compare tools side by side and read thousands of customer reviews. One of our consultants will contact you It has built-in IoT, AI, and Machine Learning capabilities. It allows users to explore and discover your data in a workflow similar to the way developers work when processing data. These live example templates eliminate the need to create charts from scratch, as you can plug in your own data to feed directly into the template. The platform comes with open-source plugins for libraries like jQuery, and frameworks such as AngularJS and React. Beginners and is suitable for non-technical people. So comes the question, with all the choice there is around data visulization tools now…. Easily filter and drill down to get to the details without submitting another report request. While you won’t necessarily need to program with Highcharts, the more advanced features and built out options will require any of the following: It’s very easy to use and has great accessibility support. Highcharts is used by more than 80% of the world’s largest companies. Socially-shareable visualizations that engage audiences with demonstrable data to counter the ‘post-truth’ epidemic are critical right now, particularly for journalistic and media use. Datawrapper is a younger platform that is most certainly on the up. It is one platform that requires minimal training in order to get the hang of. Data visualization (spelt visualisation in British English), is not, in itself, a new thing. Its cross-browser support adds to Highcharts’ ease-of-use value, and its ability to automatically find optimal placement for non-graph elements, such as legends and headings, does much the same.

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