Dead Space 2 Xbox 360 . u/_MaZ_. Miscellaneous. 0 0. For Dead Space 2 on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Zealot Suit". ... Zealot Mode Tips? Does this have the Zealot suit? ... the save goes into the documents folder > EA Games > Dead Space 2 i think . The Zealot suit was a bonus suit with the collectors edition, you can buy it on the xbox marketplace or psn, but you can't get it on the PC unless you mod your game. Ragdolls are poseable with the physgun. 3 years ago. how to unlock the zealot suit on dead space 2 pc version? [Help] Dead Space 2 Zealot Suit Cosplay Concept. A NEW Suit Mod - Unitology TaskForce Security Suit for Dead Space 2. 1.8MB ; 0-- Dead Space 2 Cobra Suit by ViLeDeth in Feb 13 2011. Help. Had gotten the collectors edition forma birthday when it came out, decided to play it again, but cannot get the zealot suit from the Xbox store. The Minecraft Skin, Dead Space 2 zealot suit, was posted by dragonshield. Download skin now! The zealot suit from dead space 1 was different. Still have questions? 1 Answer. Includes a lot of different skins and rig bodygroups. yea . ... DEAD SPACE 2 ZEALOT SUIT CODE GIVEAWAY - Duration: 1:09. Menu. 9 years ago. 1. The suit has thrusters located on the shoulders and legs of the suit, and the helmet can fold into several different sections so it can be stored in the suit's holographic projectors. Posted by. Includes playermodels with viewmodels. Uploaded: 05 Nov 2020 . Zealot Suit, this suit only comes with the collector's edition of Dead Space 2. The Securities from Dead Space 2. Favorite Answer. GamerBlogTv 146,201 views. Archived [Help] Dead Space 2 Zealot Suit Cosplay Concept. For Dead Space 2 on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Zealot Mode Tips?". member; 516 posts; 23 kudos; 22 August 2020, 2:04PM. Not gonna try and find a new collectors edition just for the suit, even though it's bad ass. KEVIN465M0RAN. This Mod is based on the concept of Visceral's Zealot Suit but many people don't have access to the suit … Answer Save. ... DS3 Advanced Suit versions for Dead Space 2. Lv 5. KillingYourJoy. oaeo117. Issac's suit from dead space 2. This texture file replaces the Zealot suit texture using TexMod. Dead Space 2 zealot suit. Relevance. Happykirky. Dead Space 2 Suit Mod - White Agility Advanced Suit Black Trim - Duration: 0:40. 1:09. Close. PC PlayStation 3.

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