Smartphone users scan the QR Code which automatically takes them to the webpage the QR Code came from. The common name is apt since this species can be pruned into an informal or formal hedge. Copy and print the QR code to a plant label, poster, book, website, magazines, newspaper etc and even t-shirts. It originally comes from Asia and Europe. This tree is included with the other maple trees in the Sapindaceae (soapberry) family, though some botanists still consider it to be in Aceraceae. IUCN Red List of Threatened Plants Status : Growth: S = slow M = medium F = fast. If you have important information about this plant that may help other users please add a comment or link below. The wood of the roots is often knotted and is valued for small objects of cabinet work[4]. Not North American native, Inconspicuous flowers or blooms. They are yellowish-green and not attractive. The leaves turn different hues of yellow in the fall. We are working on a subset of plants in the PFAF database identified as having the most potential for inclusion in such designs. Learn tips for creating your most beautiful (and bountiful) garden ever. Right plant wrong place. You may want to limb this up if it is planted next to a walkway or street so the low-growing branches do not obstruct pedestrians or vehicles. For more information about QR Codes click here. This species has often been coppiced in the past for its wood[17]. The rooted cuttings must show new growth during the summer before being potted up otherwise they are unlikely to survive the winter. The bark should be sun-dried and then stored in a dry place until required[7]. Size & … Soil: L = light (sandy) M = medium H = heavy (clay). Trees are seldom large enough to supply much usable timber, but when available it is much valued by cabinet makers[4, 7, 13, 46, 115]. Small leaves with rounded lobes, dark green in summer, which turn a beautiful clear yellow in the autumn. Compact, slow growing small tree with a dense round canopy, and a somewhat corky bark. Trees produce seed in about 10 years from sowing. The cuttings should have 2 - 3 pairs of leaves, plus one pair of buds at the base. The field maple is a sturdy broadleaf which supports caterpillars, aphids, and all their predators, all while resisting air pollution. A charcoal made from the wood is a good fuel[4, 115]. If you have questions about a plant please use the Forum on this website as we do not have the resources to answer questions ourselves. The seed can be harvested 'green' (when it has fully developed but before it has dried and produced any germination inhibitors) and sown immediately. In many areas, the original native range is obscured by widespread planting and introductions. This species can handle the range of soil pH levels from acidic to alkaline and the different types of soils. In the wild, under optimal conditions, they could be 85' tall. Seed - best sown as soon as it is ripe in a cold frame, it usually germinates in the following spring. It should germinate in late winter. Other names used besides hedge maple include common maple and field maple. Wood - fine-grained, tough, elastic, hard to split, takes a high polish and is seldom attacked by insects. Shade: F = full shade S = semi-shade N = no shade. * Please note: the comments by website users are not necessarily those held by PFAF and may give misleading or inaccurate information. The concentration of sugar is considerably lower than in the sugar maples (A. saccharum). 3. Green inconspicuous flowers from September to October. Of easy cultivation, it prefers a good moist well-drained soil[11] in a sunny position but tolerates some shade[11, 200]. Just to let you know about the flowers whcih ae edible and tase very sweet and delicious, not dissimilar to those of the lime tree. Field Maple or Acer campestre hedge plants are a lovely UK native species and the UK’s only native Maple. * Updates on new information & functionality of the website & database You can plant this in a location that receives full sun to part shade, with the full sun being the best option. The Project is directed at enabling designers of ‘carbon farms’ and ‘food forests’: agroecosystems of perennial plants, to choose the most appropriate plants for their requirements and site conditions. It grows happily in an open sunny position or in semi-shade. It can be used for its timber and as an ornamental plant. : agroecosystems of perennial plants, to choose the most appropriate plants for their requirements and site conditions. This is a good maple species for gardens in urban areas as it can handle problems like pollution, drought, and compacted soil. Edible Shrubs provides detailed information, attractively presented, on over 70 shrub species. Preferred USDA Hardiness Zones:. You will receive a range of benefits including: Does not thrive in soils with a pH much below 6[186]. The two wings are joined together and in this species, they are an end to end in a straight line instead of forming an angle. Other names used besides hedge maple include common maple and field maple. 2. We are adding search terms and icons to those plants pages, and providing a range of search options aligned to categories of plants and crop yields, with Help facilities including videos. Our new book to be released soon is Edible Shrubs. The native range of field maple includes much of Europe, including Denmark, Poland and Belarus, England north to southern Scotland (where it is the only native maple), southwest Asia from Turkey to the Caucasus, and north Africa in the Atlas Mountains. Pre-soak stored seed for 24 hours and then stratify for 2 - 4 months at 1 - 8°c. Growth is fast once the trees are established, but this later slows down and trees take about 50 years to reach maturity[186]. The best sap production comes from cold-winter areas with continental climates. Cuttings of young shoots in June or July. The autumn color display is not as consistent as other maple species, though. Charcoal  Fuel  Hedge  Hedge  Preservative  WoodThe leaves are packed around apples, rootcrops etc to help preserve them[18, 20]. For a list of references used on this page please go here. We are working on a subset of plants in the PFAF database identified as having the most potential for inclusion in such designs. Woodland Garden Secondary; Dappled Shade; Hedge; The sap contains a certain amount of sugar and can either be used as a drink, or can be concentrated into a syrup by boiling off the water[4]. Book titles include Edible Plants, Edible Perennials, Edible Trees, and Woodland Gardening. Vanessa Richins Myers is a seasoned horticulturist, garden writer and educator with 10+ years of experience in the horticulture and gardening space. * Important announcements and news Maple seeds are dispersed by the wind. Europe, including Britain, from Sweden to Spain and east to western Asia and the Caucasus. Acer campestre is a deciduous Tree growing to 15 m (49ft 3in) at a fast rate. Open deciduous woods, hedgerows and scrub, usually on basic soils[17]. In Nottinghamshire, England it was known locally as dog oak. It will be 25-35' tall and wide at maturity with a rounded shape.

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