Day 1: Workout A Day 2: Workout B When you reach an advanced level as a female bodybuilder, don’t be surprised if you’re in the gym for five or six days per week. Its focus is to help increase muscle gain and strength development. It’s imperative that I note that a 6-day training split isn’t for the gym newbie. You feel like you need to do more than you already are, and you’re exactly right about that! (Especially if you are a beginner) The workout plan is a 3-6 day split you can follow for the next 6 weeks to build muscle. Day 1: Workout A Day 2: Rest Day 3: Rest Day 4: Workout B Day 5: Rest Days 6 And 7: Rest. Most workout plans on the internet are geared towards men who want to build muscle and get super-lean. Punch fat in the face with this specialized 6-week female body transformation project. The 6-week workout plan for women. 6 Week Workout Program To Build Muscle Please read this before you start! f i t n e s s – a n d – b o d y b u i l d i n g – w o r k o u t s. c up your fat burning process you can do cardio on one or two more days during your Monday to Friday workout routine.cable (rope) crunches 2 until failure N o t e s … The muscle building program is suitable for beginners and intermediates. To see elite results, four days is going to be ideal. . Introducing the 6-Day Training Split. With a beginner gym workout, female bodybuilders should aim for at least three days of intense workouts. You train each muscle group once a week but deep down inside yourself, you feel and know that this isn’t cutting it anymore. 6–day/week Muscle Definition Workout – MD-34 6–day/week Muscle Definition Workout – MD-34 w w w . If You're Lifting Twice A Week. . . . For the most part, they’re great plans but don’t consider exactly what YOU need from your workout. If You're Lifting Four Times A Week.

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