The sweeter the wine, the less "dry" it is. You can have any dry form of drinking sherry as a perfect replacement. "Cooking Sherry" is usually bad and has salt added to make it undrinkable so that it can be sold in a supermarket and is not considered alcohol. Sherry is good for drinking, too – Unlike a super cheap bottle of white wine that you might buy to cook with, inexpensive dry sherry is also good for drinking. Is it the same thing or should I really buy sherry? HIDE COMMENTS. They want to know what these wines are, if they are interchangeable, and if they can substitute something else instead. Show 10 Comments CREAM SHERRY: DEMYSTIFYING HOW SHERRY IS MADE. Marsala is a fortified wine (wine with alcohol added) from Italy - Marsala Information For cooking, dry sherry is the best option if you decide to use a drinking variety. Shaoxing Cooking Wine vs. Dry Sherry I'm slowly building a stock of chinese cooking staples, and for my next step wanted to give a shot at Kenji's Vegan Tofu . Using drinking sherry as a substitute is ideal if you want to reduce salt intake. Although sherry's shelf life is stabilized by the addition of the other alcohol, it still doesn't have much of a shelf life, so "cooking" sherry has salt and other additives to extend its shelf life. Sign In or Register. A glass of sherry is beautiful with a salad, some cheese, nearly any meal. DRY VS. Cooking sherry vs red cooking wine. Summing up I have a pumpkin soup recipe I want to make for thanksgiving but it called for cooking sherry and I have red cooking wine. This technique is known as deglazing. A "Fino" is probably what your are looking for. If you just ask the "wine guy" should be able to help you out. In case you are not aware, two tablespoons of cooking sherry contains more than 190 mg of sodium, apart from … Cream sherry begins as dry sherry, then is blended with a sweet grape called Pedro Ximénez, or PX. You can get a decent dry sherry for cooking at any half decent liquor store for $7-14. (Just make sure you don’t accidentally buy “cooking sherry” which may have salt added to it.) So, the difference between a "dry" sherry and a "very dry" sherry is that a very dry sherry is less sweet. cmiron. One of the common misconceptions about sherry is that ALL sherry is sweet… This couldn’t be further from the truth but there is a very good reason why people - particularly in the UK - beleive this, and that is because of a style of sherry popularly known as Cream sherry. Cream Sherry. Sherry can come in a wide range of flavors, but many have a spicy, nutty flavor with a fruity undertone. Cooking with Sherry vs Cooking with Marsala Many of my visitors write me because a recipe will call for using sherry or marsala. The recipe calls for Shaoxing Wine OR dry sherry depending on what's available. The alcohol in sherry is excellent at releasing flavor from pans that have bits of meat stuck to the bottom.

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