However, apparently for a little more mana we get the heaviest of hitters. Mason is an EDH player from Georgia, who is a self-proclaimed Johnny and Vorthos. This allows us to generate infinite vampire tokens as well as infinite mana. Let’s take a look at all of the different options we may look to include: These are the options that are very efficient at what they do. Ashnod’s Altar is a crucial piece of any deck that is willing to sacrifice creatures as fodder, and Nim Deathmantle gives a repeatable way to return a creature to the battlefield. Elenda, the Dusk Rose + Phyrexian Altar + Blade of the Bloodchief - Similarly, this combo can be initiated, provided that Elenda has the Blade of the Bloodchief equipped, and there is sufficient sacrifice fodder. Combined with a sacrifice outlet, this does very much the same thing as our first combo: generate infinite vampire tokens. If Elesh Norn manages to survive removal, I would expect victory to fall into your hands soon. EDHREC relies on ads to pay server costs and fund new features. The first ability allows Elenda to get big fast. Well, according to our data, Merfolk are currently leading the pack from Rivals with Kumena, Tyrant of Orazca, and Dinosaurs are still making a gigantic splash with Zacama, Primal Calamity and Etali, Primal Storm. There are a wealth of options available in black and white, and the questions “how many?” and “which ones?” will depend on personal preference. However, if you want to go all in, I would recommend going for the token specific anthems first. Elenda, the Dusk Rose is no different. Last on our tour of anthems are a few heavy hitting artifacts. Thanks for joining me in the Underdog’s Corner! With so many other anthems floating around, she can end up being a force to be reckoned with. ☆ We have low drops such as Honor of the Pure and Glorious Anthem, and we also have higher costed anthems with addtional effects like Eldrazi Monument and The Immortal Sun. Before we wade into Elenda’s more unique roads to victory, I do feel inclined to mention the usual suspects that fit into her deck. As the title alludes, these cards both give us a permanent anthem advantage. When not consuming MTG, he spends his time being a full-time student, an avid sports fan, and a dabbling musician. Well, a few reasons. While Intangible Virtue or Always Watching exist, the fact that this deck will equally use tokens and creatures will push us to use more general use tech. Infinite scry 1 with Viscera Seer, infinitely sized Carrion Feeder, and much more. Elenda instantly became one of the more polarizing commanders upon her release for several reasons. However, the first one won’t do anything since you can’t put a +1/+1 counter on Elenda. ☆ Due to personal scheduling details, I have been away for what feels like far too long from writing, but I am excited to be back! His MTG career started with a casual lifegain deck with only a single win-condition. These combos are tried-and-true to the format, and they may seem a bit boring. “Whenever another creature dies, put a +1/+1 counter on Elenda, the Dusk Rose.”. I hope you have enjoyed looking at a bit of a different twist on Elenda. Each of these offer us much more than an anthem to the point of where the anthem is the part that feels “tacked on.” For a black-white commander deck, Caged Sun and The Immortal Sun each offer a different form of mana-advantage that is sorely needed. So how has the EDH world been shaken up by the newest release? Elenda cost for a 1/1 Vampire that reads, Whenever another creature dies, put a +1/+1 counter on Elenda, the Dusk Rose. If you have any suggestions for future articles, let me know! She took upon the curse of vampirism to protect Ixalan (the plane) from the abuse of the The Immortal Sun. The other dealt with her text box: “When Elenda dies, create X 1/1 white Vampire creature tokens with lifelink, where X is Elenda’s power.”. Next, Gideon, Ally of Zendikar is back from terrorizing and warping standard to warp the battlefield around him. He’s a little slow and a little fragile, but that’s the price we pay for the abilities. She can either can in as a fragile body with multiple tokens, or as a slightly bigger flier. Ixalan block was focused on tribal themes. When Elenda dies, create X 1/1 white Vampire creature tokens with lifelink, where X is Elenda… They are all low cost, and they may add an additional benefit. Sacrifice Elenda to Ashnod’s Altar to generate two colorless mana. Let’s say Elenda is on the field with a single anthem, and then dies. One of them is that a 1/1 for 4-mana really is not that exciting. Elenda, the Dusk Rose is no different. Browse > Home / Decks / Commander / Elenda, the Dusk Rose / Elenda, the Dusk Rose Sac/Combo Elenda, the Dusk Rose Sac/Combo by SecretlyAHorse Report Deck Name ONLINE. And so it goes. Assuming no additional commander tax, this combo works with 2 additional creatures on the field. That is it for me for this article! Sign me up. Mikaeus, the Unhallowed is one of the most powerful and destructive cards available in black, and he’s a great inclusion. If nothing else, we can ultimate Gideon as soon as he’s played and get an immediate and permanent anthem effect. Not only does this power up Elenda, but it gives us a level of consistency necessary to survive if Elenda is removed from the picture. Here’s a brief rundown: When I first ran through this combo mentally, I was in a bit of despair that I might need a fourth piece. I think she is a wonderful addition to the format, and I’m excited to see what clever avenues are explored as she continues her stay with us. Her first ability helps with that as she can quickly grow. An anthem effect and a way to bring back Elenda from the graveyard? Lastly, we have one of the most feared and revered creatures in all of Magic with Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite. With Elenda dying, that also means that we’re likely to be creating tokens which opens up using Victimize as fodder to bring back our haymakers. ☆ 65.26. Whenever another creature dies, put a +1/+1 counter on Elenda, the Dusk Rose. However, a few tribes are left to fend for themselves a little more, the legendary Vampires in particular. Oh, the power of words. Well, Rivals of Ixalan was released, and the higher ups even let me write a Top Ten article about it! Of all combos in EDH, this one feels like one of the most iconic in the format. Along with that, there’s plenty of utility with cards like Marshal’s Anthem and Spear of Heliod.

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