The old Les Paul Standards were heavy – usually around 12lbs, while models from 1983 onward have some form of weight relief. Hey! For some players, that's a good thing, but for others, it is an indication that this guitar isn't quite there. The pickups on the Standard are not quite as hot, and not quite as articulate. It felt like a Les Paul should, with a beefy neck and thick body. best electric guitars for intermediate players. From the 60s and 70s onwards, guitarists wanted a guitar with a hotter output and as such the Standard has higher output pickups than the Traditional. First, there are many guitars we could say this about. This baby is modeled after the Gibson Les Paul, as you surely know. If you feel the same way, the Epiphone LP Custom may be your ticket. i cant say for the years after 96, but this guitar is constructed better and more attention to detail than any other plant in Korea. Epiphone currently produces dozens of different Les Paul models catering to a wide variety of budgets and playing styles. First, you have the classic Epiphone Standard. The Les Paul SL, in particular, earned rave reviews upon its release for its exceptional value. The Epiphone LP Custom PRO features the same mahogany body with maple top, mahogany neck, and rosewood fingerboard as the Standard PRO. This guitar isn't in the same league as the Standard PRO and Custom PRO models above, but it might give the Standard a run for its money. Those reasons start to make less sense when Epi puts out guitars like this. If heavier styles of music are your thing, there's a smattering of different Les Paul models built with metal in mind. It's got pure rock attitude, and the sound to match. Epiphone Les Paul Standard If you're looking for a Les Paul on a tight budget, Epiphone will be the obvious choice. A better choice for that Les Paul shape are the PRS customs like the SE Tremonti. The Standard has Alnico Classic humbuckers, where the PlusTop has upgraded ProBuckers with coil splits. In the fact, in my opinion, the Studio compares favorably to the Standard, but does that mean the same is true in the Epiphone lineup? There is also no veneer on the back of the guitar. These pickups aren't bad, but as you'll see below Epiphone has made some improvements in recent years. This guitar gets that done. As the years have gone by, guitar players’ needs have changed and Gibson have made adjustments to the Les Paul Standard to reflect this. Gibson Les Pauls also feature some of the best stock humbuckers on the planet like their 490R/T set and the newer BurstBucker Pros. If you like the look of the LP Custom, go for it! As for pickups and electronics, the Standard features a set of Alnico Classic Humbuckers. Hard to tell them apart when I close my eyes and play. This is the path to madness. It’s a matter of choice, and neither is better. This goes for all of the Epiphone Les Paul Standard variants. Currency: These are among the best electric guitars for intermediate players, but even profession musicians can make use of them in recording and gigging situations. The LP Standard (and Custom) both feature Epiphone ProBucker pickups, and I think they are significantly better in clarity and warmth than the Alnico Classics. Standard, Classic, and Studio models were chambered from 2006-2012, … EUR Learn More, We understand the importance of online privacy and are committed to complying with the EU General Data Protection Regulation. In a Gibson Les Paul, whether it is a Standard, Studio or Custom, we see the same tonewood combination. Let's compare these awesome guitars and help you figure out which is the best choice for you. While the Les Paul Special’s neck gets close to vintage spec, on the SG Epiphone has absolutely nailed it. But that doesn't mean they're quite the same as their Gibson cousins. Epiphone Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar. In other words, the types of sounds Santana is known for. It's slick, shiny and makes you feel like you ought to be wearing white gloves while you play it. I have both Gibson nd Epiphone.. Today, any Epiphone Les Paul with "Standard" in the name is a safe bet for someone looking for this iconic rock platform. Open-coil humbuckers tend to be a little hotter and brighter than pickups with covers, and I think that works well in the context of this guitar. Oops, looks like you forgot something. I think I might need one of each of those in the not too distant future. Like the Gibson, the Epiphone version features a mahogany neck and a mahogany body with a maple top. The Les Paul Modern encompasses everything that makes a Les Paul what it should be, but supercharges the classic design. When most guitarists think of Les Pauls, they think of classic rock players like Jimmy Page and Joe Walsh. Touted as the most popular electric guitar of all time, Epiphone brings the Les Paul Standard to a price that’s feasible for most. For players on a tight budget, who still want that classic Les Paul sound and feel, Epiphone is a solid option. There's a slight price difference, but the upgrade is aesthetic. Use the neck pickup, and experiment with rolling back the tone control. When most guitarists think of Les Pauls, they think of classic rock players like Jimmy Page and Joe Walsh. I would safe to say, IF Epiphone would spend a little more time on quality control, it would make ALL the difference. The Prophecy EX model includes higher-gain pickups that the average Les Paul, primed for searing, metal-friendly tones. Like Fender, Gibson, and most other electric guitar brands, Epiphone offers a variety of limited edition models designed to the specs of a variety of different artist. I think it is far more important to understand the characteristics of the sound you want and get your tone “in the neighborhood.” In this case, an Epiphone can certainly help you with that. If its a Gibson Les Paul you're after, take a look at our Gibson Les Paul Guide here. There are several Epi LP models to choose from, ranging from the modestly priced LP-100 ($280) to the more sophisticated Ultra-III ($749). However, I will add a few cautions here. Epiphone makes its own version of the classic Les Paul, but they cost a whole lot less (under $600 for a Classic or a Standard). Question: Is the Epiphone Les Paul capable of a rich, deep, clean sound similar to Carlos Santana’s tone on Samba Pa Ti? This is truly an amazing looking guitar, and whether you choose Ebony or Alpine White you're making a serious upgrade in appearance from the Standard PRO model, for only a few bucks extra. My choice? The current line up of Epiphone Les Paul Standards are based on that original design and include such appointments as carved maple tops and humbucker pickups. The tried-and-true Les Paul mahogany body with maple veneer top affords all the sweet natural tone you desire. I'll be honest: My dream guitar has always been a Gibson LP Custom, but there is simply no way I could ever justify the cost. Variations with the word "Pro" in the title include more sophisticated electronics for more varied tones, while those with "Plus" in the title sport flashier, flamed-top finishes. It has Alnico Classic humbuckers like the Standard, but these are an open-coil design. The Epiphone Standard is a good guitar for a very good price. This time the designers have opted for a flatter ‘D’ profile that’s described as a 60s Slim Taper. The Les Paul Classic from the new Epiphone Modern Collection presents the world’s most popular electric guitar at a price anyone can afford. It’s the same with any guitar hero. I upgraded myEpiphone Les Paul plustop Pro mainly because I had to make a slight repair to the neck ( they break very easily) I upgraded to the new inspired by Gibson Les Paul Classic, and as much as I love Epiphones and I really do, the inspired by Gibson title is pure and utter BS! It's reminiscent of what you'd expect from an Epiphone a few years ago in both its high value and its minor weak points. You're not alone. The Standard and Studio are both great values too, but professional musicians probably would have to make a few upgrades to find them useful. Both are made with mahogany bodies and hand-set mahogany necks. This is really a great guitar in this price range, and it has all the appointments you need to call it a real Les Paul. However, they're perfect for younger players and serious beginners. For the sake of completeness.... Another feature of the Custom Pro is the phase switch (used when the pickup selector is set to both). While a bit thinner and less substantial than the Standard variation, the SL model offers a lightweight body and comfortable neck—an ideal combination for those who are just starting to learn how to play. I happen to like that look a lot.

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