Make tender stews or bean soups (and even dessert) in a flash. The Fagor Electric Multi-Cooker is under $100, a reasonable price to pay for a kitchen appliance that has so many functions. DIRECTIONS. The user friendly electronic controls are simple and straightforward, allowing you to set recipe times with ease. Place 1 cup of water in the Instant Pot. The pressure cooker allows you to whip up quick meals, but through its flavor-concentrating powers, you never miss out on any subtle hint of spice, herbaceous freshness, or savory richness. Pressure cooker recipes (203) Preserve nutrients with a pressure cooker, and get speedy results, too. The Fagor Electric Multi-cooker can be used to pressure cook, steam, brown, cook rice and slow cook foods to perfection. It's a Slow Cooker . Set 4 pint-sized jars of milk in pot, uncovered. Place wire grate in pot. Push the steam button and decrease the time from the factory set 10 minutes to 1 minute by pressing the - (minus) button. Thank you for purchasing this state of the art Fagor LUX Multi-Cooker! Maybe you already own a Fagor® Multi-Cooker —but do you realize all that your pressure cooker can achieve? If you plan to use this primarily as a basic slow cooker and a pressure cooker, you're likely to be satisfied with this appliance. The user friendly electronic controls are simple and straightforward, allowing you to set recipe times with ease. These pressure cooker chicken recipes are complex in flavor but so simple in execution. Answer all your Fagor® Multi-Cooker questions with FAQs and Tips on cooking, cleaning, Freezer Meals, Time Charts, Common mistak The Fagor® Multi-Cooker is the most complete Cookbook and Guide, With delicious recipes, there is definitely something in it for everyone. Enjoy these hearty weeknight chicken dinners with half the hassle. Page 4: Important Safeguards IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS The product you have purchased is a state of the art appliance. The Fagor LUX can be used to steam, simmer, brown, sauté, cook white rice, brown rice, risotto, yogurt, pressure cook and slow cook foods to perfection.

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