Since special prerequisites need to be met in the case of school admission from Year 11, no computer test needs to be taken here but a detailed consultation with the management of Secondary Level II decides on the admission, also see these information in German: Wegweiser durch die gymnasiale Oberstufe. Wegweiser durch die gymnasiale Oberstufe. Located just off the Sheikh Maktoum Bin Rashid Road in Al Mafraq, Adu Dhabi, this British curriculum school delivers an exceptional standard of education to children at foundation stage all the way through to Year 13, from age 3-18. The It was established in 2008. the school fees/bus charges of the coming school year. In addition, from the first grade onwards, English is taught - in different levels of proficiency – as well as French and Arabic. Endlich ist es wahr geworden: Die Deutsche Internationale Schule in Abu Dhabi präsentiert sich mit ihrer neuen Homepage frisch und, so hoffe ich, informativ und benutzerfreundlich. What’s in store for students after graduation? The overall performance of the German International School is very good. The level of the Fees: AED 33,785, 19 Reviews At the beginning of the school year 2008/2009, the entire school was able to move into the new, spacious school building. German International School Dubai (German: Deutsche Internationale Schule Dubai, DISD) is a German international school in Academic City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. So far, our son has nothing but good things to say about the school or at least the football team he has joined. With 16 pupils and three teachers, the teaching enterprise began in modest circumstances in the middle of the then desert. Wir hoffen, dass Sie Antworten auf Ihre wichtigsten Fragen finden und einen lebendigen Eindruck vom Leben und Lernen an unserer GISAD bekommen. Explore schools in Abu Dhabi. Elementary school grades 1-4 Prerequisite for admission to primary school is good command of the German language. The following documents are required for the application: Please note that we cannot accept the application if the above mentioned documents are not received. Willkommen an der Deutschen Internationalen Schule Abu Dhabi. In case you will send the application by email, please use this email address only: . Dates for the test are possible in the Primary School Mondays and in the Secondary Level Mondays and Wednesdays and will be stated in an official invitation sent by the secretary’s office. Read More . Please check our FAQ’s where we list many important information. The admission fee will be credited to the school fees of the school year Registration . It is rated Very Good by ADEK, the local education regulator, although the school was last inspected in 2015. of enrolment and will not be reimbursed should the place offered not be taken. fee is not paid or not paid on time, the child will be considered deregistered from the school/full It is rated Very Good by ADEK, the local education regulator, although the school was last inspected in 2015. Please also read the Information sheet on Arabic in the Kindergarten. A guideline to digitally sign the parent’ school contract, Copy of the child’s passport (with residence permit, if already existing), Copy of the child’s Emirates ID card (if already existing), Copies of the parent’s passports (with residence permit, if already existing), Copy of the parent’s Emirates ID card (if already existing), Copy of the school reports of the past three years, School Bus Registration Form & Regulations (all signed, if necessary). The lessons are mostly taught in German. after a place has been offered. Web Design by Grafdom. School Tours are possible to arrange on Mondays and Wednesdays. A guideline to digitally sign the parent’ school contract will provide assistance in signing. Since the majority of lessons are taught in German with English and French offered as additional languages in primary school, German International School Zaab accepts German-speaking children aged 3-5 years and non-German speaking children from 3 years old. If this before the first school day. the full bus transport is due for payment for each child already registered and will be credited to

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