You can also add in some cloves, peppercorns and some chopped up onions. When cold, store in the fridge and enjoy whenever! Turn on your slow cooker, this recipe can be done either on high or low depending how hungry you are! I love a big homecooked ham at Christmas, I think it’s better than the turkey! All Rights Reserved. xxx. I love Christmas ham too but usually leave mine until the last minute and do mine on Boxing Day! Beautiful photos as always. If your slow cooker has the space it is well worth buying a large gammon joint so that you have some for leftovers! (Make sure you line the baking tin with tin foil as the honey and sugar combo can really stick to the pan!). Quarter the onion and thickly chop the carrot. I like to put in a little at the bottom as I find it helps the gammon to come out a little more moist. However, if you don’t have the time, you can boil away the salt. *You can swap the water for either; cola, apple juice, pineapple juice or dry cider. 1/2 cup water. The easiest ever Slow Cooker Ham recipe – A Slow Cooker Gammon joint cooked in apple juice and/or cider with spices for added flavour, smothered in honey, mustard and brown sugar for a delicious outer crunch. Your email address will not be published. You can either serve the gammon straight from the slow cooker, or add a glaze and cook it in an oven for 15 to 20 minutes. Or, you can add some additional ingredients to create some different tastes. Put the gammon on top of the veggies having removed any plastic sleeving but not the string if it has one. Leave the gammon in the slow cooker for a longer length of time so that it becomes more tender and you are able to pull it apart and shred it. I’ve never cooked ham before but this looks delicious! Filed Under: Cheap Eats, Main Courses, Pork, Recipes, Slow Cooker Tagged With: Christmas, Ham, slow cooker, I adore a christmas ham, doing ours next weekend. If you have bought a smoked gammon you might want to pre-soak, or boil away some of the salt before cooking it. Originally published on 5th December 2014, depending on the size of your slow cooker, This is optional, if you like the flavour of mustard. The Husband is thinking of doing a ham for boxing day so I shall be unsubtly hinting to him about this recipe . This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It’s so versatile. The smell in my house all day long was amazing and my youngest said it smelled like Christmas. I always make a ham too but haven’t yet found the right recipe to do each year…so this year I will give this one a go!! Simply place the whole gammon joint in a large enough saucepan and bring it to the boil. x, […] I’ve entered this recipe for Christmas Mince Pies with Beetroot Pastry into a few linkies: Vanesther from Bangers and Mash’s The Spice Trail challenge for December using Allspice. Now that ham looks absolutely amazing, I am going to have to get some of those spice mixes now and get cooking! Much like slow cooker pulled pork. This looks like a serious piece of ham lovely, might have to give it a go , Sarah your baked ham looks totally delicious, it’s making me seriously hungry looking at it. Gammon joints come with plastic wrapped around them (but not the outer supermarket plastic!) If you can baste, and turn the joint whilst cooking. […], […] Pingback: Spiced Cider Baked Ham & Festive Food Friday #4() […], […] accompany the Christmas turkey, most people bake a ham too. What a lovely recipe…. Score the fat. I’m definitely going to try this recipe for Christmas! I first published this recipe as my Cider Christmas Ham recipe here in 2014. The flavours were amazing. I love the look of the glaze on your ham. Such a great recipe. Remove gammon from the slow cooker and leave to stand before carving (unless you are adding a glaze) - serve hot or cold. Merry Christmas, I gave this a try today with a just over a kilo of unsmoked gammon cooked in the slow cooker with apple juice and cider with spices, 2hrs in slow cooker and half hour in the oven your recipe for the glaze. 1 can of low sodium chicken broth. No, like with other slow cooker recipes, there is no need to put in any additional liquid. Have linked up with a festive trifle – boozy of course! Insert a sharp knife inside the gammon and pull it out. That ham looks so inviting – I can almost taste it! You can also stir in some mustard and make it a honey and mustard gammon. Put the onion, carrot and ham joint into your slow cooker. Cook for four hours on low. If cider isn’t your thing, you can substitute it for apple juice. It’s personal preference really, just adjust your timings accordingly. Also, recipe of the week, organised by A Mummy Too. All the family love it x, Oh YAY! It was absolutely delicious and definitely a recipe I’ll be using often. Cold ham + mayo: happy me! Oh my goodness, that feels like a lifetime ago now. You can keep the recipe super simple and literally just add the gammon and a little water. When I was growing up we always had ham, beef and turkey at Christmas, I baked ham last year and the kids loved it. What’s not to love?! Place the ham in the bottom of the slow cooker and cover with freshly boiled water so it's just covered. However, just choose the best quality, ideally British ham you can find in your local supermarket. Ham on the bone does retain moisture and keeps its shape well but today I used a boneless joint. Yummmm!! Number of Servings: 1. Either way, the preparation time is very short. Just finishing this ham off in the oven as I type – it tastes divine! Could happily have one every week!! Pat the sugar onto the honey. xx, This looks gorgeous, I have never cooked a ham before, I need to right this! I'd wait until the end to season with salt as plenty will run off the gammon. I like to almost cover my ham with the liquid as this makes the cooked ham really juicy and moist. I made this a couple of weeks ago as part of a roast dinner and it was beautiful. We always have a ham at Christmas and this will be the one this year!! The Slow Cooker Gammon recipe is still just as good though. Thank you! Put the potatoes in the slow cooker along with the chopped onion, sliced carrots and celery, chicken stock, … If you struggle to take it out, or it feels a bit springy, the meat isn’t cooked. Definitely not just for Christmas, great in Summer with salad. Results were really good and very moist gammon thankyou. Again, in terms of taste it’s personal preference. Gammon tradition. Required fields are marked *. This looks delicious and perfect for our Christmas Eve. This is the quickest method. So happy to hear it went down well Hannah! Use 2 forks to shred it. I prefer to use smoked ham rather than unsmoked as it gives a greater depth of flavour. thow in slow cooker with ham. Instructions Place gammon joint in slow cooker Add chopped up onion (and any other vegetables), and peppercorns around the gammon Pour in water (or your chosen liquid) Place lid on slow cooker and set off for 4 hours on high, or 6-8 hours on low … Morphy Richards Sear and Stew Slow Cooker, Christmas Mince Pies with Beetroot Pastry | VEGGIE DESSERTS, 10 Christmas recipes with a twist! cook on low for 8-10 hours. X. Goodness this ham looks AMAZING! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. You can also use cherry coke, although I’ve not tried this myself, I have heard it comes out tasty.

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