Turns out Seok-hyeon's father, who cheated on his mother and has a mistress, has now gone a step further and helped the CEO of a company fake a liver donor as his son to circumvent laws surrounding organ donation; this gets found out by none other than Ik-jun, who helps the hospital bring the incident to light. I Love The Cast. Light but very heartfelt drama. And kudos for bringing patients' perspectives to fore. Daniel’s Bunny Feb 10 2020 8:32 pm good job, guys. fans May 31 2020 5:49 am @tiuyelsew: I agree it's different. Please keep on working together in the future. Bambi Apr 08 2020 4:28 pm Looking forward for Season 2! Hey Apr 26 2020 10:09 am got7thewalkingmemes Apr 26 2020 2:00 pm Continuity of the plot line is very very minimal in each episode. hospital fans Apr 13 2020 7:08 am tiuyelsew Apr 02 2020 10:33 pm woooooooohooo...Joy sang ost for the drama..can't wait.missed her honey voice. It goes into storylines of these Doctors treating their patient and the patient life as well as families, love, care etc. and junwan parents = junghwan & wife (reply 1988) Omg, I luv this drama so much. I love Ik Jung so so much as a characther, and his chemistry with Song-Hwa is gold. It is just them showing the life of doctors of different specialization and playing as a band which is how they introduced/marketed the series. 0522 May 28 2020 6:16 pm the character are so different and conclusion i don't think she will be with any of them. Thank you for this show. What is the song in episode 6 when Jun wan received YES text message from Il suk? in such a wholesome manner. Hope it would be greater. Yoo Yeon Seok OMG!!!! 2021 when ? Huatin Mar 18 2020 9:00 am pg.acq.push(function() { Should i say it has less drama more reality. would you expect a resident (doctor) who worked night shift, who is continuously working to prepare their make-up, or even doll themselves up? Thank u for the hard work, cast and writers. When he refuses to do her bid, the mistress warns him about his mother's condition and threatens how she can further aggravate it. 3. Me Apr 11 2020 7:24 am Jenny_ph May 29 2020 7:01 pm 7. Cactus May 29 2020 8:05 am Jenny Jun 05 2020 9:40 am document.querySelector("#ads").addEventListener('click',function(){ Much better than the king, way livelier, and it just makes sense. Ikjun - song hwa pleasee, Rich May 10 2020 4:02 am I love the way this drama is presented & how every cast works very well with each other!! One of the best drama in 2020. Thank you PD Shin and Writer Lee and the whole team of Hospital Playlist. He is fetching actors/actresses thru auditioning. this drama is top-tier. The cast, character, story, and OST are awesome. Shin Wonho and Lee Woojung have done it again. i hope shin PD will cast a lot of nameless but talented actor like prison playbook. I'm happy everytine i see them. The best drama of 2020. Their chemistry is amazing. Reply series captivate audiences with their strong nostalgic feels and new things to learn about the past for generation that pass the 'back in time' story in the drama. Patients portrayed esp of the medicine seeking patient is ep 8 is so real, and the patient complaints too! It would be really great if they cover the stories about how the frontliner working hard for all of us. Just the day to day life at a hospital. ema May 24 2020 2:23 pm cldodl May 28 2020 11:11 am This drama teach us that love needs to be shown in small things; eating together, having small talks, walking side by side and being there for them whenever needed; rather than saying. It is the second installment of the Wise Life series, following Prison Playbook (2017–18). Thank you for bringing this drama alive, the casts, the stories, the soundtracks and everything in this drama gives us heartwarming and a very touching story about the life of the doctors, the staff in hospital, the patients story etc. Oh i really love watching this show! upi Nov 06 2019 3:52 pm They are now friends and work together in the same hospital. Maybe new kind of drama where the main character end up with the side character just like our real-life. ? I am so very excited to watch the coming episodes. V Feb 19 2020 2:48 am So amazing. OMG It Was One Of My Favorite Drama Ever!!!! Finale ❤️ Can't wait for the next season hopefully, it will air earlier! I like the way that the drama was, calm. Thanks For A Great Drama, Recently I tend to skip some scene like a lot because it didn't amuse me but I watch this till very end without skipping any scene ! Seok hyung - chu min ha I was confused at the ending due to so many unresolved questions, but I learned that a season 2 was coming (thank goodness). I really don't know how to exaggerate how this drama is one of the best. Career plus along with hobbies, this is the life I really inspire to be one-day. This Drama is the Best ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐. Lala May 08 2020 10:22 am Honestly the screenwriter and the director are already promising but then watching the 1st episode made it more promising. Previously Prison Playbook and now Hospital Playlist. when will this drama air??? Haha. I didn't expect myself to actually come to like every single actor in this show. Why is it 1 episode every week ? if(document.querySelector("#adunit")){ I hope suzy will take lead role, I always wanted to see her in a medical drama. Chill dude, its just a drama, once Apr 24 2020 4:02 pm 1 eps per week is better than 2 eps per week n this drama doesn't have long episodes just 12. Each character has a very unique roles to play. I Love This Drama and I Hope I Can See The Season 2 Soon !!!! He ends up meeting her again in the hospital when she comes to admit her father for general surgery. I just found myself clicking on the the next episode and next and next. @Ken below me. Such a refreshing and heartwarming drama!!

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