The axe should balance perfectly level from the head to the haft toe being level. While the heavier ax heads provide more force, you lose accuracy in your swing. A thin coat of polish will ward off any dirt or corrosion that could. Formed in 2009 by axe aficionado and Grammy Award winning designer Peter Buchanan-Smith, Best Made Company is a fresh face in... Filson has a cult following that I just didn't understand initially. After customers made a lot of ruckus, they moved manufacturing back to the US and things have improved. Typically, a grinder tool uses an abrasive wheel or a disc that rotates with the help of an electric motor, petrol engine or even compressed air. Larry Dean Olsen (Legendary Author of "Outdoor Survival Skills"), Robin Blankenship/Earth Knack Primitive Wilderness Skills School, David Wescott, Primitive Bushcraft Skills Expert, Mors Kochanski (Legendary Author of "Bushcraft"), John & Geri McPherson- Primitive Survival Experts, Lofty Wiseman (Author of the SAS Survival Handbook), Survival Expert Doug Ritter's "Equipped to Survive" Website, Cody Lundin Aboriginal Living Skills School, Mykel Hawke & Ruth England's "Lost Survivors" Show on the Travel Channel, Bladeforums- Axe, Tomahawk & Hatchet Forum. Then, as you swiftly bring the axe back down, let that top hand slide back down to the handle’s base. But because a double-bitted ax is balanced, it’s perfect for throwing. As we discussed in our first article, ax handles are either curved or straight. Sure, the boy’s ax doesn’t have the same “oomph” as its full-sized brother, but for most chores a suburban man would do around his home or out in the woods camping, it will get the job done, and allow you to swing with more control. Thanks for letting us know Elyk. All rights reserved. While it is the most common household ax, according to (the other) Brett, if you’re looking for the most bang for your buck, get a double bit. It’s the head that we’re after. It bites almost to the haft when I'm chopping and stays that way for a good while and I can touch it up fairly easy. Clutch Axes is a great resource for staying informed on everything related to axe throwing. Powered by, Jason Schwartz is the founder and senior editor of Rocky Mountain Bushcraft. Tips & Tricks- Rub Candle Wax on your Machetes and... Hultafors considering US axe distribution. Another factor you’ll want to consider when selecting an ax is the weight of the head. It bites almost to the haft when I'm chopping and stays that way for a good while and I can touch it up fairly easy. After reading that primer, you may have decided it was time you got an ax for yourself. Other tasks – like skinning an animal or shaving – are best taken care of with other tools. It’s why we’re using ax heads that weigh six, six and a half, and even seven pounds in cutting competitions,” says Brett. Email him at rockymountainbushcraft @ (without spaces), Rocky Mountain Tree and Plant Identification, REVIEW: Chiappa Double Badger Folding .22 Magnum/410 Shotgun, LONG TERM UPDATE: Chiappa Double Badger Folding .22 Magnum/410 Shotgun, REVIEW: Best Made 26" Unfinished Hudson Bay Axe, "Made in the USA" Gear Review: Filson Mackinaw Cruiser Jacket & Field Pants- Classic Bushcrafting Chic for the 21st Century. “To make a good ax, the head needs to be made from steel that has the right amount of carbon in it. This past winter, the curiosity bug bit me, and I was interested to see how an   Estwing 26" Camp Axe   would fare against a tradit... Photographs and content © Rocky Mountain Bushcraft 2011-2017. Take the Simple Test That Can Predict Your Mortality. Simple theme. “The longer the ax handle the more force you could deliver theoretically, but there comes a point in that length where you’re not able to control it as well, and so it doesn’t matter how much force you have because you lose things like the proper presentation of the ax bit to the wood.” You’re looking for the sweet spot between force and accuracy, and for the beginning ax-man in particular, shorter handles will offer the control needed for efficient cutting. This type of low-quality steel tends to either be very soft, rendering it incapable of holding an edge, or very hard, making it prone to chip. At the end of my first article about axes, I argued that for most guys, a single-bitted ax is the way to go. So instead of having several kinds of single-bitted axes for various kinds of tasks, you could just have one double-bitted ax.

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