Well, I’M DYING TO KNOW if the seed you saved returns the same plant as mothered it. We use cookies on our site. Each plant will add color to your garden and nutrition to your plate, as well as produce an abundance of spinach seeds for the next planting season. Thanks for being part of this journey with me. It was time to do some detective work in my garden. That means stopping your harvest a bit early to that your plants have the time and energy to set seed. Keep the soil evenly moist while the spinach seeds germinate by watering gently to avoid disrupting the seeds … Growing up in rural Washington state, the job market was a … It was shorter, harder to pick, and bolted in about half the time. I was wondering if you could give me an estimate on the amount of seeds I would get from each spinach plant? And if you have gorgeous asters that aren’t native, no worries. As it is still in the upper 80's in the day and nearing freezing at night. Spacing Requirements: Sow seeds ½ inch deep in rows 6-8 inches apart. There is such a satisfaction in being able (simply) to sow, raise, eat/ save seed, and then to sow all over again. It IS exciting to hear your news. One explanation I had read mentioned a female seed stalk and a male seed stalk. do you have to wait until the female plants turn yellow before pulling them out and hanging them if you want to harvest the seeds? In my case I am open pollinating so no rouging required though it is good to still know how to identify the boys and the girls since no matter how hard you try those boys will not be creating any seeds. Given this at the age of 14-15 I was sucked into the attractive and lucrative career of spinach rouging, also known as “The Worst Summer Camp Ever”  The basic premise of the job was to walk down endless “female rows” in the hot sun and destroying any male spinach plants. Collect the Silverbeet Seeds. It is mucilaginous, similar to okra. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. I observed 2 very different kinds of stalks intermingled in the spinach patch: The first spinach stalks to “go to seed” were male and contained the pollen (below, r.); I noticed lots of yellow dust when it was bumped. It will breed true to seed. Oh, that makes me happy to think that the things the Lord puts in my heard are helpful! For every 12 “female rows” there were 4 “male rows” of higher quality spinach plants which were desired for pollination. I always read reports that Malabar tastes “just like spinach,” but it does NOT taste just like spinach. Tags: compost, garden seeds, outdoor plants. To collect seed allow several plants to flower and set seed at the end of the season. Weekly updates on the topics that matter the most to you! 4. Hopefully for generations. I stumbled on your web-site looking for a detox mix and found all these great tips for recipes and saving seeds. As a result, in most cases, farmers may apply N and P during different stages of plant growth in order to maximize the total leaf surface. Spinach requirements in N are about 70-80 kg … Jessica, I do not know about that particular variety, but in my case I would say I got a good 100 on each plant. I have had saved seeds get moisture and go bad when in an envelope. Plant spinach seeds in rows set 1 foot apart, sowing the seeds 1 inch apart in the rows. 1. If you continue to use this site you consent to the use of cookies or you may opt out here. The ones I just ordered are America (for traditional row planting) and Malabar, a neat climber from India. I planted Malabar once and never again. Receive this printable PDF: “31 Days of Praying Scripture for Newlyweds.”. Remove the seeds by running a gloved hand along the length of the stalk with a container placed underneath to catch dislodged seeds. I’m spoiled and prefer not to go back to store-bought spinach because it’s not often as pretty and fresh as I would like. Got my seed usually from Gurney, It had confused me to see two very different kinds of stalks. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. If they are females hang them in a dark dry place. I put these also inside of a sealed jar. “Then God said, “Let the land produce vegetation: seed-bearing plants and trees on the land that bear fruit with seed in it, according to their various kinds.” And it was so… And God saw that it was good.”~Genesis 1: 11-12. Jacqueline- Thank you so much for your response. Not to over complicate things there is also monacious plants which are basically both male and female which I would normally just pull up since it will make things easier during harvest time. The hard seeds will form then dry along the spikes. Your email address will not be published. I was rouging spinach around 1990 to 1992. my spinach plants have all bolted but are still green. Gently pull the dried stalks (so you don’t dislodge the seed) and continue drying for 10 days.

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