The idea is to use better amplification with cleaner power to the the stereo pair. For connecting a second av speaker to amplify your music is completely dependent upon outputs of audio pre-amp outputs for both channels of the system left and right. You may then need to adjust the receiver's settings to point the audio in that direction. You can connect the soundbar to a receiver by an optical cable. Doesn't look like that receiver has a digital output (other than HDMI). Receivers with a built-in phono preamp will have inputs labeled “Phono.” (If the receiver does not have an input labeled that way, jump to step 4 below). Connect the other end of the cable to a corresponding digital optical input on a soundbar, home-theater-in-a-box system, or home theater receiver. Sony bravia to Yamaha receiver: DVD to receiver to smart tv - no sound only video You would be better off going straight from the computer to the AMP/DAC, otherwise you would have to use the pre-out and that would defeat the purpose of buying a DAC since the receiver would be doing that. Connecting a pre amp to the receiver is more likely to just add signal distortion. How to combine stereo and surround sound in one AV system : Read moreNice description. and center speakers. This cable can also transport video from devices, such as streaming boxes. You'd be first passing the audio through the pre amp, then the receivers own pre amp stage and then the receivers … 3. USB Charger ($1) Ebay or Amazon . It can be easily done simple steps is connecting the av receiver with the audio cable. I have a Denon AVR-3808CI and just upgraded to Aperion Grand Verus tower front Lt./Rt. Look at the back of your receiver and examine the audio input options. Today's receivers are jam-packed with features, the one thing they lack is power. 1. Audio Video stereo receiver amplifier ( or any amplifier with RCA input ) Right now I am in the process the reset my equipment. A better option for sending audio from your TV to an external audio system is the digital optical audio output connection. Thus, unloading my AVR to power the surrounds only. Many receivers and amplifiers that have onboard DACs have a coaxial jack as well. If your receiver has such an input, simply connect the output cable coming from your turntable there and you’re pretty much done! Sound Bar vs AV Receiver: Can Bose cube speakers be ran thru a 4k Sony receiver to produce 4k surround sound? USB Bluetooth receiver ($3 to $10 Ebay or Amazon (I recommend getting one that has V4.1+EDR its gonna give you better sound quality) 2. Is there a way to ensure the 5.1 channel from all devices? Connect a digital optical cable to the digital optical output on your TV. Yes, use an optical digital audio cable to connect the TV to the receiver. A. The receiver will, of course, need a digital optical out port. A. RCA to 3.5 mm audio cable ($2) Ebay or Amazon. As far as … 3. Connect one end to the digital optical out port on the receiver, and to the optical in port on the soundbar. Q. I've read some articles mentioning that if using the digital audio output connection that you will receive 5.1 channel audio on some devices or signals and only the 2 channel output on others. Hooked firestick into receiver and sound plays fine, but lost audio on TV: pc to sony 5.1 receiver. and Center speakers, to my AV receiver. (5.1 sound not passed but only stereo) No sound Netflix. 4. I'm considering adding an external amp(3 channel), to drive my Front Lt./Rt. Connecting a stereo amplifier to an AV receiver for an all-conquering music and movie system isn't as hard as you might expect. Emotiva Audio's XPA power amplifier can boost your home theater's sound. Cables for this are inexpensive.

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