Simply saying that you would be the better person to serve as the primary custodial parent is not enough. The father has blocked us from talking to him and them. In this type of child custody case, you would need to prove that you are the better parent. You need to show the court that you can better provide consistency in your children’s lives. Best of luck to you, and please, give us a call if we can help more! For instance, do you give them the love, support, shelter, food and other requirements they need in order to thrive? With the future of your children at stake, you may want to consult with an attorney experienced in child custody matters in order to put your best foot forward in court. Due to the county’s recent shelter-in-place order, our physical offices are currently closed. For instance, the poor grades of a child while living with the parent trying to get custody can be used to prove the parent is unfit. The best way to prepare yourself for a custody fight, and prove you're a good parent is to be objective about the other parent. In preparing for a custody case, be aware that your parenting skills and daily interactions with your children will be thoroughly inspected by a judge. He has made racist remarks towards me and has had multiple cps cases called to the house. If you do need to make changes to your children’s routines, the court will want to make sure they benefit the children and do not unnecessarily disrupt their lives. To win your child custody case, you will need to prove to the judge that it is in the best interest of the children to be with you. There are a few factors that will help the court decide which parent, if not both, should have custody of the children during divorce: In many cases, the courts simply are unable to prove that one parent is in fact the better parent. This will come off as an attack on the other parent and actually makes you look less desirable to the judge rather than proving how bad of a parent your ex-spouse is. Gather up proof of this, make sure your house is in impeccable order, and get started immediately – these types of things need to be handled quickly and done the right way the first time, it is often difficult for attorneys to fix mistakes that are made when a person without an attorney attempts things hastily, so give our team a call soon. Parenting is hard work. I am trying to get shared parenting of my son my ex keeps trying to give me less and less time with my son anytime I ask for extra time to spend with him she denies me the time she is trying to get summers taken away from me to where I only get him one week during the month and then my standard every other weekend I try to get it to where my son has close to equal time with both of us neither one of us are bad parents she is a good mom just as I am a good father how to I prove to the courts that we should have shared parenting because its in our sons bet interest to have both parents in his life not just her. If you are looking to relocate to another state, the bar is high to prove that it is in the best interests of the children to place such a severe limitation on the other parent. The court will want to know that your living arrangements, temperament and more ensure the safety of the children as much as possible. Take the signed Proof of Service to the clerk for filing. The court will very often follow the recommendation of the evaluator. Both parents are expected to be involved in decisions such as religion, medical care, and schooling. Make a list of his / her best qualities. Proving you’re a fit parent is extremely important if you are seeking custody of your child. Instead of focusing on your ex, keep the focus of your argument on yourself. Will that give me a chance to get sole custody but give her visitation? You will need to prove that you have the ability to support the children’s emotional, mental and physical needs. When trying to prove to the court that you are in fact the better parent, some parents will take the route of trying to discredit the other parent. Fortunately, it isn’t terribly difficult to prove that you are fit parent if you really are such a parent.

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