Eating whole grains helps to lower your risk of diseases like stroke, diabetes and heart disease, according to the Cleveland Clinic. With the label "multigrain," she explained, "you are not guaranteed that all the grains used are whole grains; they may be processed or the majority of the bread can come from white bread and have some other grains mixed in. 4: Sourdough (4.2) There is perhaps no more delectable bread than the fermented kind that, when done correctly, has the perfect crust and chew of … Antioxidants protect your cells from damage, notes the U.S. National Library of Medicine. . Whole grain means that all parts of the grain kernel — the bran, germ and endosperm — are used. any of the products or services that are advertised on the web site. Other times, though, you need a bread with a little more to it. She has also chronicled her personal experiences in endurance sports, including marathon running and long-distance cycling. , If the thought of trying to piece out which grains in your multigrain bread come from white flour and which come from whole grain flour is overwhelming, dough-not despair! Wholegrain bread contains the entire grain: the bran (outer layer), endosperm (starchy … ", The big thing to watch for when it comes to multigrain is whether one of those grains is coming from white bread, Shapiro added. At least, that's how Amy Shapiro MS, RD, CDN, founder of Real Nutrition, explained it when we asked her about this starch's popular perception as a health food. Since 2014, she has contributed to over 15 digital publications. LIVESTRONG is a registered trademark of the LIVESTRONG Foundation. Every single one of the grains has to be a whole grain. If the first ingredient is wheat flour, you won't be getting much in the way of whole grains. That will give you the benefits of whole grains, without the drawbacks of refined grains. She has a Bachelor's degree in Journalism from the University of Maryland. 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, Harvard Health: "The Nutrition Source: Whole Grains", Cleveland Clinic: "Which Bread Is Best For You — Whole-Grain, Multigrain or Whole Wheat? Often multigrain bread is made from white flour with some added grains. So enjoy that slice of multigrain bread. When looking at calorie content, multigrain bread calories are often equivalent to those of other types of bread. Read more: Why Isn't White Bread Good for You? ‘Wheat Bread’ is generally white bread with caramelized sugar or molasses to make it look dark and healthy. If the first ingredient is whole wheat flour, or another whole grain, that means the primary ingredient is a whole grain. "Read the labels. Key Elements of Healthy Eating Patterns: A Closer Look Inside Healthy Eating Patterns", Public Health Nutrition: "Identifying Whole Grain Foods: A Comparison of Different Approaches for Selecting More Healthful Whole Grain Products", American Journal of Clinical Nutrition: "Thinking Critically About Whole-Grain Definitions: Summary Report of an Interdisciplinary Roundtable Discussion at the 2015 Whole Grains Summit", U.S. National Library of Medicine: "Antioxidants", USDA FoodData Central: "Multigrain Bread", USDA FoodData Central: "MultiGrain Bread", PARTNER & LICENSEE OF THE LIVESTRONG FOUNDATION. "I am mostly concerned ... if there is white flour as the base, if the other grains included are in whole form, or [if] are they processed and void of natural fibers," she said. Multigrain Bread Recipe is an easy, healthy yeast bread recipe that’s full of good-for-you ingredients like chia seeds and whole wheat flour! Most refined grains lose 78% of their filling, heart-healthy fiber as well as half its vitamins and minerals in the milling process. Do you give yourself a little imaginary pat on the back for making a healthy choice when you push your shopping cart straight pass the white bread and instead choose a loaf of multigrain bread? According to Shapiro, it's all that goes into producing white flour-based breads that could make your multigrain bread unhealthy. Whole grains are rich in protein, fiber and B vitamins, and provide you with complex carbohydrates that help you to feel satiated. This is an image 9 of 12 The fiber in multigrain bread is good for your digestive health. Whole grains, however, are a complete package of nutrients. Look for those ingredients when you're buying this type of bread. "Whole grain means the grains included are in their whole, non-processed form, so you are getting all the nutrients and the fiber from those grains," she explained. Kirsten has a Master of Science in Nutrition and Bachelor of Science in Dietetics. "Multigrain simply means it has been made with multiple grains, and that can mean two grains or 12 grains," she told Mashed. Eating whole wheat, and thereby whole grain, bread also helps to lower the risk of a stroke, diabetes, heart disease, asthma, and colorectal (colon) cancer. advertisements are served by third party advertising companies. What's more, whole wheat bread also has an excellent amount of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and fiber. "It is important to read the label to determine how healthy your individual multigrain bread is. Oat bread. There's nothing wrong with some positive self-talk, of course, but if your goal is to eat the most nutrient-dense foods, you might need to rethink whether your daily lunch routine of a turkey sandwich on sliced multigrain is as good for you as it sounds. Other grains, which compose less than 2 percent, include barley, flaxseed, millet and wheat bran. Further, the December 2016 issue of American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reports that nutrition professionals meeting in 2015 determined that a standard definition of whole grains needs to be adopted. Whole-grain foods are a healthy choice because they contain nutrients, fiber and other healthy plant compounds found naturally in the grain. Whole grains are more nutritious than enriched grains. When in doubt, take a good, hard look at the ingredients list on your bread. The benefits of this type of bread, when made from whole grains, include not only fiber, but more vitamins than you get in bread made from enriched flour. Either type of bread is a nutritious choice, but they vary in their calorie and nutrient contents. Are they sweetened? Multigrain bread has the advantage of providing a variety of grains, the Cleveland Clinic states. "Multigrain" and "whole grain" are not interchangeable terms. Multigrain bread calories may be slightly more, but as Harvard Health points out, you feel more full when you eat it. A study in the December 2013 issue of Public Health Nutrition examined 545 grain products in two supermarkets and found there were many conflicting definitions as to what a whole grain product is. Admittedly the slices are a little smaller than some other loaves, but choosing this healthy bread is a really easy way to cut out some unnecessary calories in your diet. Despite this, multigrain breads tend to have more fibre and a lower GI than white bread… That's because the word "multigrain" does not always mean that the multiple grains used to bake your loaf are good for you.'s 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans suggests that you eat 6 ounces of grain daily and get at least half of that from whole grains, based on a 2,000-calorie-per-day diet. Whole grains that may be in multigrain bread, according to the Mayo Clinic, include barley, brown rice, buckwheat, bulgur, millet, oatmeal, quinoa and whole wheat. According to Shapiro, whole grain is a safer choice. Carbs from whole grains help you feel more full, Harvard Health reports. The main kicker hurting multigrain's chances is that multigrain bread's health benefits are really up in the air depending on which grains … However, few people are aware that bread is a high source of carbs, and hence, health-freaks may doubt the advantages of bread. Kirsten Nunez, MS is a health and lifestyle journalist based in Beacon, New York. Multigrain bread isn't always whole grain, however. The Cleveland Clinic states that wheat flour is actually 75 percent white flour, or refined flour, and 25 percent whole wheat flour, so you're not getting much in the way of whole grains. Bread made with 100 percent whole grains is less processed and offers more health-promoting nutrients per calorie than bread made with refined flours.

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