I have heard of these before and love subscription boxes. Review Geek feels that Scentbird is the best over-all perfume subscription platform. My lack of commitment when it comes to perfume preference makes me an ideal candidate to test out the Scentbird model, which is exactly what I did. Let me know what you think after giving Scentbird a try. 1, so bonus points for including a sample with complementary olfactory aromas. Practical Style & Beauty for Today's Woman. You can find the full and most current best Scentbird perfumers here. Expect it to arrive 7 to 10 days after shipping (source). I’ve enjoyed having the subscription. The site will come up with recommendations and add them to your monthly queue. I love to change up my perfumes, but at $100 or more a bottle, that is not feasible for me. Or worse spending hundreds of dollars just to stock up on a few scents at a time. Yay! Based on my 4+ years of using Scentbird, I have not had any issues with my beauty box. Access to skincare, makeup, and candles, No returns or exchanges. This post may contain affiliate links which means I will get a commission if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you. This sounds like a great idea. I bet that’s what the founders had in mind too. I don’t see that enough in product reviews these days. How does Scentbrd work? Please read my disclosure for details. Check out these popular posts: Love attainable luxury?I'm your girl! Before determining whether Scentbird is a worthy company, many factors must be considered, particularly: Pricing; Value; Customer feedback; For the purposes of this Scentbird subscription review, there do not seem to be any qualms with the cost of product. Yes, I would say that for the right person, Scentbird samples could be a real gamechanger. I have to look into trying this. According to the Scentbird’s website, yes. Required fields are marked *. Scentbird is a great one-stop-shop for all your fragrance needs for men and women that would otherwise break the bank. I have never heard of this company or this subscription box before today. I think it’s a good idea for someone like me who likes to try out lots of different fragrances . Get a Room is marketed as an exotic forbidden apple scent with notes of vanilla and clary sage. Try before you buy aka no buyer’s remorse! The long answer is it depends on what you’re looking for. Helpful (0) Andrea B. on 7/28/20 Yes. If you’re in the beginning phases of trying out and experimenting with different fragrances and unsure what you (or a friend) might like, Scentbird is a great way to get started on a budget. I emailed and removed my credit card info and kept getting messages from them wanting me to give them card info again. Let me know what you think if you end up trying it. For example, when I select Malin + Goetz's Moroccan Fig, I can search other scents that contain fig scents, like Nest's Indigo. When it comes to fragrance, I'm a loyalist. I'd avoid them. I think my daughter would like it. I have heard so many great things about these. For a monthly subscription fee, your 30-day supply of fragrance will be delivered to your door until you opt out. I share videos of the latest wearable fashion, beauty hacks, and affordable outfit ideas. Versace, Burberry, Tocca, Jason Wu, Juicy Couture, Mugler, Calvin Klein, Philosophy, Michael Kors, and more. Interested in more beauty-related posts? Your email address will not be published. this would be a great subscription box for a girlfriend of mine and she would get a kick out of it getting so many of these great products right to her door- especially if it takes a few days to get! ive never heard of this before but i love your review on all these great products! These are a few of my favorites: So this begs the question, is Scentbird worth it? I wouldn't have gravitated to this scent, but am pleasantly surprised. $14.95 per month for fragrance is definitely doable, but the more you commit to the subscription, the more you save. Once you fill your queue, your fragrances will be mailed out to you for a monthly fee of $14.95. You get a 0.27 oz tub filled with decant that is several times bigger than traditional perfume samples (0.05 oz). Is Scentbird Worth It? I love the velvet skin-feel of this new scent, and the notes align with the product description. Here’s a side-by-side of my most recent Scentbird atomizer next to a retail sample. As a consumer, I do not believe they sell fake, knock-off, or imitation scents. I will have to check into this. I'm also loving how it layers with Joya's Composition No. Finally they responded to about the third email (the missing month was Oct) and sent out what I'd paid for. Overall, if you're into building your fragrance library to layer scents or just keep your signature aroma breezy, Scentbird is definitely worth it. Is Scentbird worth it? Now, this wouldn’t be a problem if Scentbird responded promptly to inquiries from customers. Scentbird also recently launched its own line of fragrance, Confessions of a Rebel, as well as home goods and wellness items you can buy as one-time purchases. When you sign up with Scentbird, you'll be guided through a fragrance quiz to help find your perfect match. They even have gift sets that are perfect for men and women. What a neat idea. Be the first to know when there's a new video! If someone would like to purchase it for me. containerEl: '#fd-form-5f119f40d832e40026fdd338' So the events that I really like dont last me a while month however still very much worth the money especially if you are wanting to try before you buy. I never tried Scentbird but I heard good things about it. Your email address will not be published. Scentbird is a great concept and is an easy and affordable way to get the full experience of the scent before purchasing the full-size bottle. I know, I’ve been there! The brand’s growing selection of skincare products, makeup, and candles collection is a perk that would keep subscribers a large variety to choose from. Thanks for chiming in, Michele! Niche cologne refers to small scale boutique artisanal perfume studios whose presence in mainstream retail stores is minimal or non-existent. Is Scentbird legit? Search the site and you'll find offerings from brands like Joanna Vargas, Make, Glow Recipe, and the new Deck of Scarlet line—also founded by Nurislamova. window.fd('form', { You can also pause your subscription at any time. She’s all about trying out new perfumes. formId: '5f119f40d832e40026fdd338', I love fragrances but hate being tied down to one bottle. You can try forwarding the post to someone as a little hint-hint . Pretty neat! And wondered: I have been a paying subscriber of Scentbird subscription service since June 2015. My first month came just fine but the second never showed even though it was charged. Hi, I’m Louisa! We have something very similar to this here in the UK that I subscribe to. A simple search on BBB and Sitejabber reveals not-so-pleasant reviews of Scentbird with a majority of them related to shipping and delivery in 2018. Great point and one of the reasons I joined Scentbird. They last long and smell great. 1, a citrus perfume oil with notes of sandalwood, jasmine, mandarin, and tuberose. How fun that they have such a wide variety of products! I appreciate that you shared the pros and cons of a Scentbird subscription. Thank you! The three-month package costs $43.50, savings of $1.50; the six-month package costs $84, savings of $6; the 12-month package costs $162, savings of $17. This is an extremely helpful feature as it gets really specific, breaking each fragrance down note by note. You can’t call to speak to anyone directly. I think Scentbird is such a great subscription service if you like to change up your perfume often! 3-month package ($43.50, savings of $1.50), Access to new scents at a fraction of the price. You also receive a travel case with a spray nozzle that connects to each fragrance vial. }); As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. My wife might like this. This fragrance subscription allows gals and boys to try a wide selection of authentic perfumes before shelling out the money on full bottles of fragrances including Dolce & Gabbana and DKNY.

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