It was expensive to buy and is expensive to clean. Expect to see non-beveled edges on the board as well as rustic feel even if some textures appear to be smooth. When my floor was being laid one box of tiles were damaged, the corners had been damaged in transit. After a kitchen fire we chose Karndean for our replacement floor. This collection carries the largest tiles of Karndean. With such unique designs and choices, creating an individual floor is surely possible. Karndean vinyl plank refers to a vinyl flooring product mainly constructed out of limestone (calcium carbonate), pigments and polyvinyl chloride. Ours has a 35 year guarantee hopefully will see us out !! The first step that you have to take is to let the Karndean flooring acclimatize to everything related to the environment where you plan to install it. More expensive than other types of flooring. At the end of our visit we were given a good number of our chosen examples to put on the floor at home. Once done, abrade them so there will be a key to put on at least a 3-mm smoothing compound. It is also a much better option than ceramic tiles and stone. It can even retain its form all throughout its lifespan without warping due to moisture. Would it be possible to ask you to send over your contact details to and we can then arrange to speak please. If you could drop your contact details to, we would be keen to speak on this please. Purchased Karndean loose lay vinyl floor, colour Boston. Just make sure that the surface is not porous. Windsor carpets from Redditch were excellent. If you could drop us your contact details to please, we will call you right away. Karndean boasts of its natural warmth underfoot. It had a film on it which looked like it was greasy and dirty. It is because some substances in rubber might trigger stains. For laminate flooring to be installed, it needs to follow the floating method. The Da Vinci collection from Karndean turns back the clock with flooring that has a timeless appeal. Karndean flooring also boasts of its textured surfaces that further improve its grip even when it is wet. Now have Karndean in hall, kitchen,lounge dining room and bathroom. © 2020 Trustpilot A/S. One example is a natural-looking grout, which improves the flooring material’s distinctive appeal. It has been down for three years and it looks shabby and dirty even after washing with the 'official' cleaning products. At the time there were no others customers in the area we were in which made it a very safe environment. I've had Knight Tile fitted in my Kitchen for a few months now. A very expensive yet disappointing product in terms of durability; many of the new tiles were flawed too. Karndean … We noticed places in the floor where the tiles appeared to be shrinking, gaps were becoming quite noticeable. We are a family of three adults who wear no shoes in the house. Karndean Vinyl Plank Review – Simple But In-Depth Guide. I would be very grateful if Kardean themselves could come here to see this floor. The short answer was the people who fitted the floor had used an adhesive trowel that had the wrong gaps between the teeth. All staff were very friendly and helpful. We're so pleased to hear how pleased you are with your floors. We went for the much cheaper Moduleo range in the kitchen at the same time and that is absolutely bullet proof - not a mark on it. You do not even need to buy an expensive and high-quality hardwood steam mop for it. Expose the floor to extremely hot items as the excessive heat might damage the surface permanently. Feeling totally ripped-off as the flooring was very expensive costing a few thousand pounds and it now looks like it's been down years and needs replacing. This kind of durability also makes it perfect for commercial spaces as it makes it completely reliable even with heavy foot traffic. You can even collect all the dust with a tile mop (or any other type of mop) effortlessly. Could we perhaps discuss this in a little more detail with you please? Great way to sell a product with no pressure sales. During this step, use a solution composed of three parts cold water and one part routing cleaner from Karndean. It never looks clean and has scratched very easily. We have now had the downstairs of our house fitted with one of the chosen samples and we couldn’t be happier.. Just make sure that you do not let the water pool, though. They refused to even make a contribution. Karndean is also a popular choice because of its easy and quick installation process.

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