Strawberry Kit Kat (Flavor of California) Strawberry Kit Kat has been a thing in Japan for awhile now, because weird and wonderful food first comes from Japan. We’ve covered some of the rarer ones in the past, but this strawberry … 2. Kitkat became one of the most interesting chocolate maker in Japan because of their scrumptious, interesting and tempting flavors of chocolates. March 26, 2015. Write a review. 3. 5.0 out of 5 stars I am amazed by these strawberry kit Kats! 4. They created about 204 flavors that are really unique and eye catching. Top positive review. Sublime Bitter. Add to Cart. Milk Coffee. You’ll often find a space to write encouraging messages on Japanese Kit Kat boxes as well. See all 66 positive reviews › Kells. To sum up, here is the list: Kit Kat Flavors 1. Strawberry… Price: $12.95 + Free shipping. Japanese Kit Kat - Strawberry Flavor (12 Bar) by Nestle. Thus, Kit Kats are often given to students taking exams or to family and friends for good luck. #1) WA ICHIGO — JAPANESE STRAWBERRY … The slightly-artificial strawberry flavor is just like Crunch Berries, the cereal of our collective youth. Add to Wish List. This is an amazing flavor I would recommend to any Kit Kat … Original Flavor Chocolate.

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