Thus we have, 05. Online calculator which calculates the square root of a given number using Long Division (LD) method. Square Root of 5. Shortcut to find the square root of any 5 digit number Example 4: √64516 . Step II: Think of the largest number whose square is equal to or just less than the first period. Therefore, to find the square root of large numbers we use the long division method. Given, Number = 40. The following is the stepwise solution for this method: The following is the stepwise solution for this method: Divide the digits of the number into pairs of segments starting with the digit in the units place. The square root of number is a number which is multiplied by the same number, which as a result gives the original number back. Each pair and the remaining digit (if any) is called a period. Steps involved in square root by long- division method . It is the easiest method known for the manual calculation of the square root of a number. Group the digits into pairs (For digits to the left of the decimal point, pair them from right to left. If we calculate it in a calculator, we see a long list of irrational numbers and it’s not possible to remember or even write, as there is … Let us try to understand, square root of 5. Step 1: Place a bar over every pair of digits starting from the unit digit. Sample: Calculate square root of 5 using division method. Code to add this calci to your website Just copy and paste the below code to your webpage where you want to display this calculator. Its symbol is called a radical and it is represented like this: √ Example: Find the square root for 40 using long division method. If the number of digits in it is odd, then the left-most single digit too will have a bar.Thus we have, 7 29.So 1st bar is on 29 and 2nd bar is on 7. Steps of Long Division Method for Finding Square Roots: Step I: Group the digits in pairs, starting with the digit in the units place. But this method becomes tedious and tiresome when the number involved is large. Step 1: We start by grouping the numbers in pairs of two from the right as follows. Perform division as per steps shown below: 1. Long division is a very common method to find the square root of a number. Take this number as the divisor and also as the quotient. For digits after decimal point, pair them from left to right). In this section we will discuss square root by long division method. 645 16 Step 2: To get the ten’s place digit, We find that nearest square to the first group (645)is 625 and √625=25.

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