This grill doesn’t need huge bulky wheels because it’s so lightweight. Like almost any smoker or grill, the key to longevity is to store the unit in a dry covered place. A clean grill is a happy grill, though, and walking out to a clean grill puts you in the right mood to startup your next cook. There is a rear handle located directly above the wheels, making mobility a breeze. There’s no better encourager of rust than leaving metal exposed to rain. If you’re looking to smoke cheese on a smoker, you really want to look into an offset or indirect smoker that’s made to impart smoke without heat. Dual Doors: The dual door design allows you to keep your cooking chamber hot while adding coals or refreshing smoker wood. I had heard about the ease of smoking meat with propane and I loved the flavor and taste of charcoal cooking, and I wondered if I could get both in a single unit. Get it free when you sign up for our newsletter. Sign up below to get notified every time we post a new video. No Wasted Vertical Space: With the Masterbuilt Dual Fuel, wasted space isn’t something to worry about. Just tip the unit back onto its wheels and pull it by the handle to take it anywhere you want to it go. The Masterbuilt Pro should be wiped down after each cook, but will not have to be thoroughly cleaned each time. Learn from my mistakes and let someone else do the heavy lifting. We like the lavalock high temp gasket for our smokers, and it holds the heat in quite nicely. The two wheels are the perfect size for the smoker and allow for exceptional movement on all solid surfaces. There are four metal racks included with the Dual Fuel Pro, and they can fit everything from packer briskets to whole turkeys to racks of ribs. The Masterbuilt Pro is easy to use and produces some amazing food. You also might want to get started cooking with charcoal, and this unit is designed to do both. This Masterbuilt is similar to other vertical smokers like the Oklahoma Joe’s Bandera model. BBQ Gear Reviews, Grills, Vertical Smoker 0 We bought the Masterbuilt Pro Dual Fuel Smoker to be our first smoker that did both propane and charcoal cooking. There is no insulation to hold in heat and the door does not close tightly, so smoke and heat escape everywhere. All of the Masterbuilt smokers are made of steel painted with high temperature paint. You might find that cooking with propane is easier than charcoal, because the temperature is more consistent with propane. If you’re not cooking something tall like a turkey, it ends up being wasted space. As with most smokers in the $250 range, the metal that this smoker is made out of is light, meaning that it’s easy to move around the patio. What is really nice is that the slits in the Flame Disk lets you use the propane burner to light the charcoal! The truth is that this is a propane smoker that happens to be able to run on charcoal, only not as well. Cleaning the Masterbuilt Pro is as easy as cooking on it. If you’re anything like me, it might be worth the extra cost of shipping something as large, bulky and heavy as this grill. Charcoal cooks will require more frequent cleanings, so if you use charcoal as your fuel source for the majority of your cooks, at least three cleanings a year should do the trick. The dual fuel option allows you to cook with whatever fuel source you are most comfortable with. He has written two cookbooks. My journey with the Masterbuilt Pro Dual Fuel Smoker can be found in the video linked below. Put simply, this is a double layer black metal box with a … Ash buildup will restrict the airflow to the firebox, making it nearly impossible to set higher temperatures in your smoker. The best method to resolve this is to place the wood chips in foil packets with holes punched in them and throw these in the fire disk periodically. This smoker is easy to use for both experienced and inexperienced smokers. These are smokers and grills that are constructed to keep prices in a range that consumers want to pay. This will spike the temperature and quickly eliminate the smoke source. Read our disclaimer for more info. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Masterbuilt Pro Charcoal & Propane Dual Fuel Smoker-20050412 at Leave the door open and wait until the charcoal burns down to white coals. When this grill is upright, the wheels do not come in contact with the ground. As a gas smoker, it is a very straightforward design and works as expected. We’ll give you the information on the Masterbuilt Pro, so you can decide if it’s right for you. Thanks for dropping by, and I look forward to seeing you next time on The Barbecue Lab. This Masterbuilt propane smoker features a tank fuel level gauge. The 8 Best Charcoal Grills to Buy in 2020, Weber Smokey Mountain 18-Inch Smoker Review. When smoking something like a pork butt or a brisket, I love starting with charcoal and chunks of wood to add smoke. If you want to leave it outside and not address exterior rust, then this is a 3-5 year smoker grill. If you’re cooking a case of pork shoulders, just set the grate height so that the next shoulder sits just above the one you’ve already loaded. The Masterbuilt Pro MDS 230S Dual Fuel Smoker is really just a gas smoker. We review barbecue gear to show you the pro’s and con’s of everything we can get our hands on. Masterbuilt's Dual Fuel Smoker has a "Flame Disc Bowl" located above the gas burner and under the water bowl. One adjustable 15,400 BTU stainless steel burner, Four 180 square inch nickel plated steel cooking grates, Full height locking door with center mounted thermometer, A secondary door to access fire bowl (for wood chips to charcoal fire). When working as a charcoal smoker, this pan holds the charcoal. With interchangeable racks and multiple rack spacers to hold them, you can load up this smoker to take advantage of all the space it has to offer. There are two rear wheels that make it simple to move around, and it’s not so heavy that one person couldn’t lift it into the back of a pickup truck. 4 Cooking Racks: The Masterbuilt Pro Dual Fuel Smoker has some great features to consider when looking at this grill. Don’t be surprised if some smoke is leaking out through the door seal, as that’s how this unit is designed. If you add gasket seal to the door to limit smoke loss, there’s still enough space for a probe wire without worrying about damaging the delicate probe which are costly to replace. The competition to this smoker has skimped where the Masterbuilt hasn’t, making this smoker one to beat at this price point. To get more of a direct flame cooking, just remove the water pan from the bottom of the smoker, and you have the lowest grate that you can set up as a direct grill surface. The charcoal feature is not something that most are going to use that often, and if they are, they should just get a good vertical charcoal smoker that is designed for that fuel only. By using The Spruce Eats, you accept our, Guide Review - Masterbuilt Pro Dual Fuel Smoker, The 6 Best Grills You Can Buy at Walmart in 2020, Your Guide to BBQ Smokers for the Best Barbecue Cooking. If you’re buying barbecue gear, feel free to use the links in this article as we will receive a small commission on your purchase to support the channel. With single door units, there’s a massive amount of heat lost every time you open the door to maintain the fire. Read page 1 of our customer reviews for more information on the Masterbuilt Pro MDS 230S Dual Fuel Smoker MB26050412. However, it differs from many of its other competitors by being a true dual fuel smoker. First, it goes without saying that the multiple vertical racks are a huge bonus when cooking a large amount of food. We put any commissions back into getting new barbecue gear to review, so your purchase through our affiliate links means more reviews coming your way. One problem frequently reported with this method of smoking is that wood chips in the fire disk can catch fire once they have dried out completely. With all metal smokers, rust is the enemy that we all need to combat. Outdoor griddles have been gaining in popularity in the outdoor cooking world this year. It comes with an included removable drip pan that you will fill with water to add moisture to the cook. Since the unique feature of this smoker is its dual fuel capacity I will start with that. Whether you’re storing the grill outside under a cover or wheeling it into the garage after each cook, you’re going to find that your grill will last longer when properly taken care of. A: Certainly. It can be purchased at both Home Depot. Our kids even loved playing with the sizable cardboard box once we pulled the grill out, so we saw that cardboard box for longer than I planned as it had been quickly transformed into some type of ship that took up half the garage for a few weeks. The outdoor flat top cooking surface is bringing diner and teppanyaki cooking to the backyard, and Le Griddle has been making waves in the market for many years now. Wood chips can combust when using propane. Every situation is different and not all smokers are created equal. We’re proud to say that after over 30 cooks, the paint on the Masterbuilt Pro has not shown any cosmetic issues. We take our cooking grates inside and soak them in the sink for a bit before taking the scrubbing sponge to them. It has one damper on each side at the bottom by the burner and flame disc bowl, and another on top at the back.

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