its more like 8 is the same system to 8.1 with minimal changes, but not windows 10! When it asks for version, select “Windows 10 S”. You can install it from a cd. Windows 11 operating systems are free to be updated with real-life software upgrades within one year after the release of Windows 11. You can also add tiles to the screen, which is a wonderful idea. Many people are wondering about the name they have given, Redstone. Microsoft will launch Windows 11. Example… the freaking start menu expected in windows, not this tablet crap, for a PC! (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); As a matter of fact, Microsoft has clearly declared that Windows 10 is the last Windows and they will not make any more Windows. Here I see many useful information about window 11. Share your features wishlist in comment and best one will be updated on the site…. But we recommend you to ignore and read full article. I don’t know how they could release such a horrible system it deletes you old system so you cant revert and your stuck with windows 10 ,thanks Mirco douche. Look forward to looking into your web page again. Microsoft has adopted ‘No more Windows strategy’. It is going to at all times be stimulating to learn content material from other writers and follow a bit of something from their store. Hey, if I want to have a tablet I will buy a tablet. Can I install Windows 11 on my Lumia 625? It all went well until window 7, but this feature in window 8 was dropped in Windows. He was not alone to say that, in fact Microsoft itself has confirmed and backed Jerry Nixon’s statement and said they will continue to update Windows 10 on regular intervals in the place of standalone Windows version. Window 11 will be built by window 8, and this window should provide citizens with a demanding power option. Here you will find all news and update of Windows 11. Thanks for sharing. A new and fast features wishlist is expected in the next version of Windows. XOTEL UBUNTU – SNACHALA TANZY S BUBNOM – POTOM VOTKNUL XAKINTOCH – POCHOL KAK MILENKIY. The “new Windows generation” features streamlined screens, a re-imagined Start menu (although still with tiles), clever animations, and — what Windows 10 users can only dream of — a completely seamless interface. This update is more in news since many experts believes this will not be a bigger update but it will bring lots of improvements and bringing Windows 10 support to more devices, like HoloLens. as soon as possible, just like apple os, thank you. This is how: Well actually they have the ‘go back to windows 8.1’ in the settings. Microsoft said earlier that Windows 10 is going to be the “last version of Windows,” but is it time to rethink the concept and give users an up to 11 operating systems? What rubbish! Open This Website For Fun. Give me meat and potatoes. Yet users on their start screen can’t use any other image, so they need to use the default one. A lot of people rejected Win 10 because these found that they were loosing the functionality of their old software, particularly video and the ability to burn CD’s and DVD’s. 1.Wait for windows 11 to be released (if it is released). Maybe you should get a better computer that’s “MORE POWER FULL”. Please I think a permanent windows slim for those wanting those features is doable and the price tag of 500 bucks is nothing for those that want what WORKS! Windows 11 Concept: Even though Microsoft has confirm there will be no Windows 11 but that does not stop fans from designing Windows 11 concept. Below is the Microsoft Lumia 965 concept which comes in four colors Silver, Gold, Green and Orange. This in 8.1 makes for a far stable system than 10, and therefore much closer to 7. After the news of no more Windows from Microsoft, there are several rumors that are making highlights in the tech world, and somewhere it is all worthy to keep track of that. That’s why people have asked to either delete this feature from window 11 or provide it in the taskbar. For now, as per reports, Microsoft has planned new update for Windows 10 and has given it a codename of Redstone arriving in 2016. It is basically a very popular item in Minecraft, where it is utilized to build new technologies to improve the product.

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