You love them so much, you can’t bear the thought of using a gaming headset, even for the added convenience. The ModMic Wireless also includes status LEDs on both the microphone unit and the USB receiver. You still get two microphones here, a cardioid pickup for noisy environments and an omnidirectional microphone for higher-quality recordings. Not just the voice and the bandwidth issue, but the speed as well. Acquire a high-end pair of headphones instead—hell, maybe you already have that—and then simply affix a microphone to the side. Shop Now Shop Accessories. Still, there are some drawbacks. Antlion’s ModMic line always appealed to me in theory. Once I’d attached the ModMic 5, I basically left it in place. A long-term peripheral like this, I want to put the receiver on the back of my tower, except then you can’t see the lights. Read our, Learn more about PCWorld's Digital Editions, Much easier to install and remove than the wired ModMics, Great audio compared to other gaming headsets, Works with any pair of headphones you own, Still less elegant than a proper gaming headset, Wireless audio takes a hit compared to the wired ModMics. We've had a few people ask for samples of the new ModMic USB and ModMic Uni, as well as comparisons to our existing mics. Because the omni-directional mic is unchanged from the ModMic 5 we've left it off from the test to keep things simple. We promise these files are raw audio that has not been edited in any way. When you A/B test with the ModMic 5 though, the ModMic Wireless dishes up a thinner and more nasally sound than its wired sibling on both settings. I can’t even imagine doing this with some $1,200 ZMFs or what have you. You peel off the backing, eyeball where you want the microphone to rest, and then affix it. The kit even included a second rivet, so you could theoretically transfer the ModMic Wireless between two pairs of headphones—something I never would’ve done with the ModMic 5. It’s one more device you need to remember to charge though, or else you’re back to two cables dangling from your headphones. There’s a price to pay for going wireless, even when you’re going made-for-audio-snobs wireless. Could Antlion solve the problem so easily though? And that was it! I also wish the ModMic Wireless was smarter about powering down. I guess the question is whether “better than a gaming headset” is enough to justify the ModMic Wireless’s $120 price. Extra clasps, adapters, and our signature Uberwide Mousepad. It feels permanent. Actually not just one. As I said, the ModMic Wireless is $120 on its own, more expensive than the HyperX Cloud Alpha and almost as much as Logitech’s G Pro X and G533—and that’s before you factor in the cost of headphones. you put your computer to sleep) but otherwise you need to remember to manually turn it off when you’re done talking. First, to clarify, the ModMic USB, ModMic Uni, and ModMic Wireless use the same Uni-directional microphone. I saw it needed a usb adapter.. so I bought one. Click for info. Once I’d attached the ModMic 5, I basically left it in place. Problem is, the placement of these LEDs is awkward. The Key ModMic USB Components: Microphone Capsules. Actually, I can imagine it, and I don’t recommend it. They’re $100 studio headphones I’ve had for nearly a decade now. 24,373 posts; 24,373 posts; The One and Only; Location: University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign; Posted January 23, 2017. modmic 4 … And the ModMic Wireless is infinitely easier to remove than its predecessor. My inner audiophile rejoiced at the idea. But if you’re determined to go down the audiophile rabbit hole, the ModMic Wireless is your best option by far. Shop Now ModMic Starter Bundle. Tags: FAQ - ModMic Wireless ← Previous Post Next Post → Stay Informed Be the first to know about news, reviews, special offers, and events! It’ll do so automatically if the receiver loses power (i.e. Hayden writes about games for PCWorld and doubles as the resident Zork enthusiast. I bought three, one of them even being the Antlion usb adapater from the people who make the … Blue means the ModMic is connected, red means it’s muted, and yellow means it’s charging. SO MUCH POWER. As far as the modmic goes, (I have the 5.0 version) it's been an absolute mess. Note: When you purchase something after clicking links in our articles, we may earn a small commission. Going wireless definitely improves the ModMic experience overall, but it does mean you’re battery-reliant. We have upgraded the ModMic USB with the new, premium, uni-directional mic we use in the ModMic Wireless. Picture it: You’re already using wired headphones, and then you need to run a second, separate wire from the ModMic itself to your PC. Because the omni-directional mic is unchanged from the ModMic 5 we've left it off from the test to keep things simple. That’s essential, really. In dem Ende, welche die Technik beherbergt finden … PCWorld |. Assuming you have some headphones that are nice-but-not-too-nice though, the good news is the ModMic is more “semi-permanent.” What you’re actually affixing to your headphones is a small magnetic disc. It’s scary. Games Reporter, But the ModMic Wireless does what it claims, and does it with a hell of a lot less fuss than the original wired ModMic. ModMic is a microphone that attaches to any headphones for the ultimate custom headset. As far as the modmic goes, (I have the 5.0 version) it's been an absolute mess. Trusted by podcasters, streamers, and online personalities around the world! This increased clarity and reduced noise floor should allow you to modify the ModMic USB  or even the ModMic Uni via an equalizer to mimic whatever sound you'd prefer, including increasing the bass. Antlion Audio News By. The ModMic Wireless uses aptX The ModMic USB uses an ADC chip from C-media. The ModMic USB is the culmination of all the things we learned from the ModMic 5, ModMic Wireless, and Antlion USB Sound Card in one. If you’re coming from a standard gaming headset, especially a wireless gaming headset? You could mount the ModMic Wireless on the left, and I wanted to do so because that’s the standard for most (if not all) gaming headsets, but it leaves that port pointing into the sky, which is...weird.

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