Espoma reports that none of the ingredients in Plant-tone is considered toxic by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. My soil pH is 7.7. Water thoroughly. For example, if you're preparing a small garden bed of only 5 x 5 feet (25 square feet), use 1 pound of Plant-tone (1/4 the amount of a 100-square-foot bed). Maybe there is a formula for color that I am just missing. How you use Plant-tone depends on whether you’re fertilizing garden beds, new plants, established plants or container plants. What Percent of Iron Is in Ironite Fertilizer? Yes, Plant Tone is good for roses, just use LESS since it's one notch higher in nitrogen. Follow these tips for working them to best effect, Look to the land for hues that are grounding, soothing and endlessly versatile, Avoid the ski lodge look by using the rule of three, creating texture, adding pattern and more to expertly mix wood types, See Why Green's an Ideal Color for Backdrops and Home Decor, Soft and glam, this chic tone is warming up interiors everywhere, Grow beautiful roses using both ordinary and unusual soil amendments, Whether you go demure or daring, there's a pink rose here to make you flush with garden pride, Make 'cheery' the name of your garden game when you order your roses sunny side up, Try a Handmade Oushak Rug for Warm Spice Tones and Softness Underfoot, Need Peace and Quiet? If a rash develops around the ears and eyes, consult a veterinarian. In hot weather, nitrogen isn't needed much, since you don't have winter-kill to the ground like my zone 5a. Kathy, floating shelves were something I pondered as well. Keep 3 inches from stem.-F edm onthly ru gwi sa . How to Use Malt Extract as Plant Fertilizer. I was truly misguided there, but it had the colors (off white, white, and grey) and the leafy look that was like the art. For plants such as annuals, small perennials and vegetables, add a handful of Plant-tone to the reserved soil. stick with organics if you can because they are the only fertilizers that generally add value to your soil over time.. they … Plant-tone® is a registered trademark name in the Espoma line of plant care products. New Plants: When preparing soil for new plants, thoroughly mix 2 cups of Garden-tone into each cubic foot of Potting Soil. I now see the folly of my ways there. The Modern one is perfect as is but nevertheless, I think I would still tend more to the adoption of the Traditional one after a few minor changes. It's one notch higher in nitrogen, and one notch higher in potassium. Locally I can't find Rose Tone but can find Plant Tone. Hi Beth: Plant tone NPK is 5-3-3, and Rose tone NPK is 4-3-2. I need to get a computer program where I can change the color of the walls to see what you all see in having a darker color. I should take my own advice (and yours). Bio-tone will help plants form bigger root systems faster. And I will lose the soap too. Here's another one for everyone...that's a shower curtain I bought new for this room. But again, I never really worried about it and I never had any problems with it. It is a beautiful statement piece to any home! Lawns that are actively growing need three applications of Plant-tone each year, applied in early spring, midsummer and early fall at the rate of 20 pounds per 1,000 square feet. I also felt that feeling of analysis paralysis a few years back when we did our kitchen. Thoroughly incorporate the fertilizer with the soil. After studying botany and microbiology at Clemson University, Blackstone was a University of Georgia Master Gardener Coordinator. I would use 1/2 the amount of Plant tone on roses, then buy Sulfate of potash through Amazon, or even better heap on banana peels. Not over-the-top ones that look like the designers did not know what else to pack into the one space like the example shown by @feeny above. For that reason alone, I personally would never have one. But those 2 work great ABOVE GROUND, since rain water can break it down. You can also play with shapes by pairing different works together as long as they have a common element like color or theme. If you observe any swelling in your dog's eyes and ears, immediately contact your veterinarian. I know that it makes me look like a real goof...but in real life it has a beautiful look and ties in the tall cabinet. If you're mixing Plant-tone fertilizer to potting soil before filling containers and adding plants, add it at the rate of 1 part Plant-tone to 25 parts soil. I tell people whom I visit all the time I came to see them and not their house when they fuss about this or that wrong with it. For each foot of branch spread (the plant's diameter), sprinkle 1 cup of Plant-tone around the drip line. I have a small bag of Rose Tone that was gifted to me but it is almost gone. How to Upgrade Soil in an Established Garden. Is Plant Tone good to use on Roses or should I order the Rose Tone from Amazon? mix. I think just a little extra vigilance is all that is required to keep it looking great. Pets that consume some of the product may develop a stomachache and diarrhea and should be given plenty of water until it passes. As a handy measure in the garden, 3 cups of Plant-tone equals 1 pound. - Single plants: Sprinkle 1/3 cup per plant. Methods and Frequency - Apply in a single band around single plants. The kind where you look at them and you can already smell the bread and cookies baking; or you feel a comforting hot chocolate or cup of tea in a lovely bone china mug is just waiting for you to sip and warm you hands on while you snuggle in a corner and gab with the cook….that’s the kind of space I'd like for my home.

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