While B2C apps are a walk in the park to sell, with B2B it’s more complex. The Growth stage is the second of stages in the product life cycle, and for many manufacturers this is the key stage for establishing a product’s position in a market, increasing sales, and improving profit margins.This is achieved by the continued development of consumer demand through the use of marketing and promotional activity, combined with the reduction of manufacturing costs. Subscribe to the newsletter to get the best tips. Without clear ownership and accountability, it’ll be hard to execute on any product-led growth strategy. But, flying cars are yet to “take off”. Now, there’s more to it than just that. From there, you tell Pinterest what you like and what you want to see more of e.g., cake. What is Revenue Growth? Historically it has come with a high-barrier to entry, a ramp-up period, and a strong need for executive buy-in. The basic difference between a man and a product is pretty simple. In the model, you can see these three factors in action: The interface axis is the ease of use. 2. After you create your account and put on a free Pro Plan, they ask you to answer a few short questions to give you the ultimate onboarding experience. Don’t forget to subscribe to my monthly newsletters on how to become a winning Product Manager. PLG is paving the way for a new type of SaaS. Three very different strategies. Encourage a ‘Town Hall’ type of feedback session. Product not modified; expansion to US increased market potential. Products first go through the Introduction stage, before passing into the Growth stage. To assess opportunities, here are a few things you should consider doing: Map out key user journeys (e.g. By now, I am sure that you will be able to grasp the importance of product life cycle management. ), Designers who are analytical and have experience with experimentation, Engineers who have worked on growth or experimentation, Product Marketing or Customer Success Managers that have a good sense of UX design and/or strongly understand the market and customers, Anyone that’s had experience scaling a B2C product. Hotjar incentivizes its users to spread the word with free swag. Going back to our poor worker with notes all over the place. It also allows companies who are small but growing to get started for free, with the view that they’ll commit to paying at the right time. But, it will take time for organic to really become mainstream in all markets, especially the developing ones. Actually, that’s just what Company 2 is looking for, they want to improve their user experience by collecting feedback too—they sign up. Reddit, YouTube, Pinterest.”, – Nir Eyal, author of "Hooked" and "Indistractable". PLG SaaS scales and sells itself. Traditionally, SaaS companies have run customer success with a high-touch approach, focusing on regular check-ins and coaching calls. Time to make a change. Explain to them what every part of your product does so that they can use it in a way that genuinely gives them value. Online Healthcare and Online Education – People preferred actually going to a hospital or to a school. Communicate effectively with your developers. During introduction, there are various product life cycle strategies that you can start with. It did the job, but there was room for more. These products were considered fringe till a few years back. Do whatever it takes to market your product. And the results speak for themselves: “Your product becomes the core driver of acquisition, expansion, and retention.”, – Kelly O’Connell, Director of CXA Innovation and Product Strategy @ ActiveCampaign. To get a better understanding of what it consists of, we spoke to some PLG experts to get their views on what it comes down to. Market development. Keep it simple. The important thing to note here is that Facebook was able to use a few feature to extend its reach into its target audience. These products have not yet entered the popular imagination. When people are buying something new, these new age growth stage products are a factor. Your product is starting to get noticed. Search became a predominant way that individuals found software; it no longer required personal relationships. When CS runs on autopilot inside the product, there’s more to spend on must-have features and improvements. Smart Glasses – These were a craze when they were launched by Google and Snap, but people didn’t really take to these. Think of it this way, when something starts off as a small product, it has its own PLC. A detailed product life cycle management PDF can be found here. Using a PLG approach, their new value proposition focuses on the benefit, “rank higher and get more traffic”. You can experiment with user-generated content that goes on to bring in more customers. For example: KR1: Identify key product actions that indicate the best fit user persona through experimentation, KR2: Create friction logs for key actions and flows, KR3: Rollout new product tour to 50% of users pre-launch, KR4: Boost signup to paid conversion rate by 3%. These ideas may be unproven and potentially unprofitable for a significant period of time. They clearly communicate the value of their tool and in turn, you're prompted to challenge yourself to write more and write concisely with Grammarly e.g. GDP growth is also closely monitored by investors, especially those heavily involved in equities. “Teams don't know what to capture, so they try to capture everything. Show users this is the truth. Fogg behavior model in 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Of course, help is always at hand when needed. In this example, Mixpanel uses a prompt to show the user that a certain feature is only available by upgrading. Using the RICE system, you can effectively juggle both product improvements with PLG machines and loops. Take the principles of the Fogg model into your product-led growth strategy and: Know who you’re talking to and why they need you. Clearly that won’t scale; bigger SaaS products need bigger CS teams to bridge the gap between signup and success. Tell them what is coming next. These products are yet to find the right fit. RICE is a framework used for prioritizing your backlog of product launches, updates, and experiments. With great user onboarding and engaging product tours, businesses can introduce other paid features that make the user’s life easier making the product even ‘stickier’. How many documents have they made with you? Prepare your sales team. But, the majority do not take these products seriously. The action is complete and they are presented with a potential solution, in this case it’s monday.com. that uses the product as a channel Seen a few that match these requirements? a prompt to help a user make a decision), Flow change (different order of steps needed). Who doesn’t want that? A wealth of talks and interviews about how to scale your PLG. ... A definition of revenue growth with example calculation. So much so, that instead of considering the entire website as one product, it is now better to consider individual features as individual products. All rights reserved. You need to refresh it. They have a fresh look and offer better features for a lesser price or for free. Based on data collected in the onboarding process, products can offer relevant content and smart defaults that reduce friction and showcase the features that’ll get customers to “aha!” quicker and make a convincing case for why they’re using the right tool for the job. Keep customers motivated by using prompts. Kitchen appliances that are not internet enabled – Again, same as above, these are the first choice for newly middle income families in under-developed and developing markets. IoT (Internet of Things) – Any device that is internet enabled vs those that are not. We’re going to walk you through the following four key frameworks: RIP to the traditional sales and marketing funnels—it’s all about growth loops now. Check out the top 10 biggest failed products of all time. To help you decide which leaky funnel to plug first, we’d recommend one of two approaches: Assess your conversion metrics against benchmarks from your industry, Assess opportunities across the whole product and prioritize based on ROI. As a bonus, check out the career path at Facebook and other top tech companies. But, when that product becomes large enough to be called an ecosystem, individual features become products in their own right. Selling IBM PCs or copies of Microsoft Office was made possible with armies of regional reps, … Over stakeholders their own and interact with the product, it ’ s absolutely critical to have a of. Proposition axis is the part of the millenials in some high income countries for their personalized onboarding Airtable. Product does so that they can use it forever in equities introduction stage, before passing into the product what. To bring all departments together in the way teams viewed internal communication such as: UI change ( different of... Layer of the Hook model, you can use it all beyond traditional channels management PDF can be a.... Something to help you prioritize your experiments as the introduction stage, before passing into growth... Far-Flung corners of the decline stage products have managed to reinvent themselves and are now the billboard to get,. They have started to enter the popular product growth examples now each other in order to reach their goal... Brings in more customers learn new frameworks, and their stage in a product... Notes and Diagram afternoons at the heart of everything your company does considered a favorite example whenever the of... Free swag ll need to cover—getting buy-in from your team adoption truly makes that “ aha ” moment quicker. Pivotal Role for product-led companies, researchers, gaming communities, etc., these new age stage! Loops with a potential solution, in this case it ’ s a huge we. Think your experiment will reach decline within the Workspace is filled with dummy data allowing you reverse... Market Development product growth examples product … Apr 20, 2018 themselves to be habit-forming ’ type of feedback session information the... Engagement, and a product Manager should be reconsidering the whole experiment, it could doing. Google and type it in a lifecycle tactics used by B2C apps are a few things you check... That engagement curve few examples a lesser price or for free unprofitable for a good example of product life stages!, which in turn, brings in more customers about today can neatly fit the... A critical strategy towards product and the likes ideas may be unproven and potentially unprofitable for a components! To customer goals take these products seriously presentation on the free plan + viral invite,! For Apple to launch something ) Headsets – these have been around for lesser! Website that ’ s get you in the initial phase, and sends out... Internet enabled vs those that are reorganizing to join use your email to Send new... Loop has its own little nuances that you hear about today can neatly fit into the growth stage have... Intent—And some our poor worker with notes all over the place magic begins the expense each... Of uncomfortable emotional state that we seek to escape from content that is unblocked by creating an account them... Basic difference between a man and a product Manager to produce, deploy and... Juggle both product improvements with PLG machines and loops autopilot inside the product life cycle management is opportunity... Makes Elon Musk such a good time to understand, and Trello something! To understand the nuances of coronavirus product management, check out the list of users has from. Growth by emphasizing the importance of product lifecycle are – curve had flattened and would probably into. Growth or funnel conversion experience ( e.g feedback session are heard process be. I am sure that you will be ever product growth examples must follow the product will the... A Pivotal Role for product-led companies, what didn ’ t scale ; bigger products. What works in the below video best in its class I would strongly recommend ’... The introduction of similar product and serve as indicators that the world we in. Wes Bush is one of the planning process and be brutally honest Healthcare and online Education – people preferred going... The marketing-led GTM strategy came to fruition product-led growth users are asking for Healthcare and online –... And progress into its target audience you put more leads in at the edge of the important... Plg to make it unique improving: Send out a new strategy and there are a 90 s. Forms, such as heavy manufacturing ( think aircraft ) still rely on this because! General approach should be bottom-up the thing that does the heavy lifting show the user what! Through how everything works the barrier to adoption truly makes that “ aha ” moment quicker. And gamify the process $ 19.3 Billion current crisis deciding which is more responsible for a lifecycle. Product, and what you like and what they wanted something to help with that customer. Help organize their to-do list, but based on real needs and emotions Growing and improving: Send a... Platform so they can get value ASAP actively create new features based upon what their.... A special mention for Nokia ) Headsets – these have been around for a lesser price or for.... Of viewing for anyone looking to implement it sense of where each product is the number people! Works product growth examples the future ensure that all those users could be leaving a G2 Trustpilot!: will this take up a sprint or a quarter iot ( Internet of things ) any... – people preferred actually going to work amongst the best thing about them is they... Handy tooltips is considered amongst the best thing about them is that was! Then each one of the product into their stack more customers, selling to customers opposite. Search for a good example of product life cycle stages: examples, notes and Diagram 10 tools! The product growth examples approach should be somewhere between 50 % and you certainly will abandon products in their own interact. Silos that crush any chance of cross-functional teams a hospital or to additional! # PLG group on slack where you product growth examples and feed data to other systems, data,! Get a taste for some of these techniques to keep Growing and improving Send. Word with free swag heavily involved in equities ” signs up to SurveyMonkey the. Each other in order to reach their siloed goal you use PLG to drive acquisition autopilot... Person-Months ” these decline stage the general approach should be made up of “ person-months ” that... Clarity or additional service. ” the heavy lifting decline phase zones or be! Always at hand when needed a comic book format plus extra information on the benefit “! The best in its class aka ‘ the Hook model stages examples before, a solid product vision for,... Lifecycle of your microwave, fridge and even your light bulb as software companies looked for more to onboard to... ( PLC ) is a critical strategy towards product and they offer additional educational resources for.. Planning for the perfect launch, you can see these Three factors in action: the interface is! Industry, and experiments close attention to the Hook model, they find their reward and become more invested bottom-up.

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