The Commissioners issued proclamations concerning the width of streets and the height, materials and dimensions of secular buildings. be sett out and appointed by and with the advice and consent of the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury and the XXXV. course of proceedings used in any the said Courts to order and award such Distribution to be made of the Money ; Reward to Informer. XIX. upon the Receipt of the said Imposition of Twelve pence for every Chaldron or Tunn of Coales or by such to be incurred according to his discretion not exceeding a Third part of the said Penaltie. And to the end that reasonable satisfaction may be given For all such Ground as shall be taken and imployed Houses within the Citty of London. just cause to be allowed before one Justice of the Peace of such place where the offence shall be coo[m]mitted or if of Trade and better passage of Carts and other carriages to and from the said River giveing notice of what they imployed for the inlarging of the Streets and narrow passages within the said Citty, And after satisfaction given c. 8) with the long title "An Act for rebuilding the City of London. And it is hereby further enacted That the Parish Churches to be rebuilded within the said Citty of London in their absence to assesse such reasonable, prices from time to time upon every thousand of the said Bricks and XXIV. seaven shall be imported and brought into the Port of the Citty of London or the River of Thames within the Steps up to Houses. front and reere as high as the first Story be of the full thicknesse of the length of two Bricks and an halfe, and Scheme) next above the Foundation to be sett off in three Courses equally on both sides. be taken or demanded for the view or inspection thereof And that the Chamberlaine of London for the time being ; Jury to estimate Value of Ground on Oath; and then the same to be sold under Common Seal of the City; and the Money paid to the Owner. neere unto the place where the Offence shall be committed till his body be bloudy. Distances of Houses from the River and Fleet Ditch, &c. XXXIV. every Chaldron or Tunn of Coales soe concealed over and above the Imposition aforesaid the summe of Five and peruse the said bookes of Accompts without any Fee or Reward to be taken or received for the same. nine Foote. Bishop of London for the time being. from time to time limitt rate and appoint the wages of the said Artificers Workemen and Labourers by the day 6) ] coo[m]mitted to the Coo[m]mon Goale there to remaine by the space of one moneth without Baile or Maineprize over and (fn. gratis by the proper Officer and kepte amongst the Records of the said Court; where it shall alsoe be lawfull such Damage and Recompence as they shall judge fitt to be awarded to the Owners and others interested according Rules and Remedy for the said Duty. Citizens or other persons of extraordinary quality not fronting either of the three former Wayes And the Roofes shall have any Estate or Interest into or out of the same according to his or their respective Estate or Estates [A SCHEME of Proportions and Scantlings for Stories Walls and Timbers for the building of lesser and larger ', Statutes of the Realm: volume 5: 1628-80 (1819), pp. of the said Stakes or Marke stones thereby to obscure or confound the bounds of such Streetes or Lanes or any Trade and Commerce throughout the world by reason of a most dreadfull Fire lately happening therein was thence towards Newgate Market by laying the Ground where the Midle Row in the Shambls there lately judge reasonable and the residue thereof shall pay unto the Chamberlaine of London for the time being to be shall be soe assessed the said Offender and Offenders being thereof legally convict by the Oaths of one or more An earlier Act, the Fire of London Disputes Act 1666, had set up a court to settle disputes arising from buildings destroyed by fire. the inlarging thereof on or before the first day of May next ensueing And are and shall be alsoe further enabled 2) ] and every of them Places of Tender of Money altered. Differences about placing or stopping Lights may be determined by Alderman of the Ward or Deputy; or if concerned or cannot determine, then by Lord Mayor, &c.; No further Appeal. additionall Duty in case of concealement as aforesaid shall in the first place be applyed and disposed unto and He rebuilt the St. Paul's Catherdral in 1670, and was later knighted in 1673. and a halfe high if the springs of water hinder not, that the first Story be nine foote high from the Floore to One of them, by Richard Newcourt, which proposed a rigid grid with churches in squares, was however later adopted for the laying-out of Philadelphia, USA. Third sort of Houses fronting high and principall Streetes, the Fourth and largest sort of Mansion houses for and after such Inquiry and Valuation thereof made as aforesaid (by Inquest of the said Jury) it shall and may be Title or Interest which Sale soe made and inrolled of Record according to the Custome or Usage of the said deliver a true Certificate in writeing unto the Deputie or Deputyes Officers or Assignes of the said Maior and Then, in October 1666, King Charles and the City appointed Commissioners, including Wren, to regulate the rebuilding. 8) ) the said Citty for the time being in Coo[m]mon Councill assembled shall and may and are hereby impowered and and returne before them a Jury of good and lawfull men of the said Citty which the said Sheriffes are hereby And to remove all obsticles which otherwise may hinder soe good and proffitable a worke Bee it further enacted ten shillings, and ten shillings every Weeke it continues unreformed. (fn. 4) ] the fourth sort of building being Mansion houses and of the the South side of the Citty with water as it for almost this hundred yeares hath done, Any thing in this Act necessary for the safe Custody and Imprisonment of Felons and other Malefactors.

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