November 6, 2020 at 7:51 am, @umut can you say the laptop which is in competition with this laptop. Finally, we reran some of the tests on the -80mV Undervolted Turbo profile, which resulted in a small 2-5% increase in CPU benchmarks, but a slight decrease in some of the GPU scores. September 2, 2020 at 2:05 am. There’s the Sonic Studio III audio app on-board the Strix G15, which provided options to adjust the voice clarity, bass, treble, reverb and surround sound, but when I messed with all of the settings, I noticed little to no difference in the sound quality. In conclusion, this ROG Strix G15 performs excellently in CPU heavy tasks and very well in combined demanding loads, but the components inside run hot with these kinds of activities. It proved fast, accurate, and reliable during my time with the test unit, so nothing to complain about here. Inside you’ll get access to the thermal module, battery, speakers, wifi chip, and the three SSD slots. As far as the touchpad goes, it’s quite soft, and the two discrete mouse buttons are responsive and have a decent click to them. Cyber Monday deals: see all the best offers right now! The center of the keyboard and the touchpad hit 91 degrees and 77 degrees, respectively. That’s for the 144 Hz screen option though, with the washed-out colors and the slow response, and you’ll have to pay extra for the 240 Hz panel. The Zephyrus G14 (41 fps) and Omen 15 (40 fps) were within a tenish frames of the average, while the G5 15 nailed a solid 46 fps. *Daily Use – streaming Netflix in EDGE for 30 minutes, Silent Profile, fans at 33-37 dB For connectivity, there’s Wireless 6 and Bluetooth 5 through an Intel AX201 chip on this unit, as well as Gigabit Lan. I hit 82 words per minute on the typing test, speeding past my personal 78-wpm average. CPU: Intel Core i7-10750H Required fields are marked *. Thermals should not be an issue if you decide to opt for one of the lower-tier configurations with the 4/6Core processors and the less power-demanding GPUs, but the 115W versions of the 2060 and 2070 chips are a tough match for this product. even 200w pl2 is possible in some laptops. But it would still drop below 30 fps, so I recommend turning the settings down to low. The laptop hits temperatures in the very high 40s in the hottest parts of the interior, but the WASD and arrow regions rest in the high-30s to low-40s, so perfectly comfortable for longer gaming sessions. An i7-10705H processor is also available as a more affordable option for this laptop, and we’ll cover it as well down below. October 21, 2020 at 10:01 pm. While the Dell G5 15 SE (2020) (5.5 pounds, 14.4 x 10 x 0.9 inches) and the HP Omen 15 (2019) (5.4 pounds, 14.2 x 10.2 x 0.8 inches) are slimmer than the Strix G15, the 14-inch, Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 (3.5 pounds, 12.8 x 8.7 x 0.7 inches) is the far more portable option. The keys were responsive and the palm rest was super comfortable, which is surprising as the keyboard didn’t dip into the chassis but was flush with the deck. On the plus side, this panel proved uniform in our tests and offered good blacks and contrast levels, decent viewing angles, as well as little to no light bleeding around the edges. Hi. As for the storage, our unit gets two Intel 660p SSDs in Raid0. Unfortunately, the only thing you can do is buy the laptop from a place that allows returns, test it properly for all potential issues, and return if not up to standards within the 14 days window. Asus offers the ROG Strix G15 in a couple of different color schemes, and what we have here is the Glacier Blue model, the lighter variant. Because the fact that Strix G15 had little impact makes me worried, as I can't spot any cooling differences between them (although not sure). For comparison, expect roughly 15-20% reduced performance on the more widespread 6Core i7-10750H model in CPU-heavy workloads, but also slight gains in the GPU scores, partially thanks to the better thermals of the 6Core processor, that runs at slightly lower power than the 8Core i7. This model sold in TR has %100 sRGB weirdly and still without an camera it's weirdly expensive than it's competition here. ASUSのゲーミングブランド「ROG」のゲーミングノートのメインストリームと思われる「ROG Strix G15(G512)」をご紹介します。全部で5つのバリエーションモデルがあり、ゲームプレイに十分な性能と、ROG … You can even customize the effects to play at different intervals. Andrei Girbea, Editor-in-Chief of Specs aside, the Strix G15 is also a well-built laptop with good inputs, a fair selection of ports, punchy audio, and a beefy thermal solution inherited from the higher-tier and more expensive ROG lineups. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2020 just around the corner, this article gathers some of the best deals I was able to find online in these last days... Best Chromebooks of 2020 – comparisons, reviews and buying guide, The search for the best wireless keyboard: Logitech K400 Plus vs. K830 vs. MX Keys, Fanless and silent laptops, Chromebooks and ultrabooks in 2020 – a detailed list, Asus ZenBook 13 UX325JA vs ZenBook 14 UX425JA compared, Copyright © 2011-2019 Next, we ran the entire suite of tests and benchmarks, on the stock Turbo profile in Armoury Crate. As far as the speakers go, there’s a set of them firing through narrow cuts on the lateral sides, and they’re quite good. As far as the GPU goes, it is already overclocked on the Turbo profile (+1oo MHz Core, +120 MHz Memory), so we didn’t pursue further tweaking in our tests. On top of that, this is merely a 60% sRGB panel, so the colors and images look washed out, and it’s also not very bright either, at sub 300-nits maximum brightness, so will struggle in brighter environments. Raising up the laptop from the desk by as little as an inch doesn’t help very much either on this laptop, and that’s rather surprising, as it does help on the ROG Scar 15/17 or the ROG Strix G17 that we’ve tested. August 27, 2020 at 8:27 am, "With Prime, the i7 CPU kicks in hard at almost 120W for about 20-30 seconds, and then drops and stabilizes at 87W.". Right now, the Strix G15 is the most affordable ROG series in Asus’s 2020 lineup. The $1,499 model nets you an RTX 2070 GPU, a 1TB SSD and a 1080p, 240Hz display. Raising the laptop from the desk makes a bigger difference in this case. We’re running all our tests in a controlled environment, with the AC set on 24 C. As a side note, the Scar 15 ran cooler in our tests, but also noisier, so there’s a chance the retail Strix G15 units might also run cooler/noisier than this test unit.

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