(I knew my love of red wine was good for something other than, well, my love of red wine!) Sep 24, 2018 - Trouble remembering to water your houseplants? Source #16. So glad you’re here with me today. By DonM51 Follow. Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download. Check out the tutorial after the jump. These 14 DIY self-watering planters are for the ones with a green thumb. Those recycled ones can be put to good use. Source. The secret here is in the wine bottle. More by the author: Planter made from a Wine Bottle. Step 1: Bottle Cutter. Monday 8th of October 2018 […] Plantes d’intérieur à arrosage automatique du monde hors réseau […] Today we are going to create a self-watering bottle out of a wine bottle. Herb self watering with recycled bottles. Source #17. Cut a cleaned wine bottle (watch this video for help) about two-thirds the way up from the bottom.Put the top section upside down into the bottom section. As the soil dries out, it will gradually drain the water from the wine bottle. Self watering planter from wine bottles. I have personally tested this one out folks. Rinse an empty wine bottle, (or other glass bottle with a narrow neck) and fill with water. We are going to turn an empty wine bottle or any type of bottle that you have at your house, into a self-watering bottle for your planters. We’ll be using etching to accomplish this project. I purchased this bottle cutter to try the project and use some of the old wine bottles i have saved. Off the Grid split the bottles in half and flipped the top into the bottom for a self watering wine bottle planter. These terra cotta watering spikes, combined with an empty bottle of wine, can help make sure you keep your potted plants alive. Introduction: Self Watering WINE BOTTLE Planter. Simply fill the base with water every few weeks and your plant will thrive! Check out the tutorial and have at it! Fill the bottles up with water to the very brim of the bottle. […] mode femme populaire – 19 Indoor Garden Ideas That’ll Fit in Any Small Space. DIY self-watering planter from empty bottle. 1. Wine Bottle. The best thing about self watering ideas too is that you do not have to look far or spend much in looking for a container. After watering your plant, quickly turn the bottle upside down and shove into the dirt about 6-8 inches from the base of the plant. Self Watering Trick Number 1: My personal fav – the wine bottle self watering system. Combine the two and make your house beautiful! The Garden Glove starts our self watering journey with an item we’re all familiar with. These hand-cut and polished repurposed wine bottles are … Love wine and wine decor?

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