During that period he collaborated with As the Director of TSC at UTHSC, Dr. Kulkarni worked on multiple research projects and was part of multiple grants. 8 … Dr. Roy was in charge of Dermatopathology and conducted weekly reporting and clinicopathological conferences with the Department of Dermatology. The Alexandra Hospital is the main medical facility in Nevis and is equipped with an x-ray machine and CT scanner in addition to general medical and surgical wards. (2016) Red Sea Atlantis II brine pool Nitrilase with unique thermostability profile and heavy metal tolerance. Dr. Roy also was involved with teaching students in the University of West Indies program, a Problem Based Learning curriculum (Maastricht). PeerJ. Also, as a Principal investigator collaborating with another Institution. Anatomical case reports with medical students at UMHS: Dr. Fakoya's other publications affiliated to UMHS: Literature review manuscripts under review: Students case reports supervised by Dr. Fakoya, currently being reviewed in Journals: Under the guidance of Dr. Alfred Roy, students can engage in pathology and cytopathology research. 2019;39:67. The results of the pilot study have been submitted for publication. is a that may be specialist in all places and might identify and determine treatment for any sort of sickness or if perhaps not you are going to satisfy the right specialist. She was selected by the U.S. Department of State and Georgetown University to serve as an English Language Specialist to train American and Spanish Fulbright scholars in Spain. IgaA connect envelope stress sensing and down-regulation of the Rcs phosphorelay across subcellular compartments. 2018;6:e5805. Dr. Anand Kulkarni, a medical graduate with Masters in Surgery (Human Anatomy), has extensive experience in translational research. The “Food Team” (Christina Varela, Ellen Lorenzen, Beani Forst, Jandrely Lopez, Nick Mills, Idalis Sanchez, Andrea Ferrer and Luis Acevedo) worked collaboratively on the project titled Prevalence and Antimicrobial Susceptibility of Bacterial Contaminates Isolated from Imported and Domestic Retail Chicken and Pork in St Kitts. Extreme environmental niches, remain unexplored, and include hydrothermal vents, volcanoes and deep brine pools. Marine Drugs. His research interest lies mainly in Stem cells and Cardiovascular regeneration. AIDS Care-Psychology, Health and Medicine, 2020. He was appointed in 2019 as a consultant for the National Justice for All Program of the Pan Caribbean Partnership Against HIV/AIDS (PANCAP) and the Ministry of Health, St. Kitts and Nevis. Dr. Roy was appointed as Pathology examiner for undergraduate students and for Pathology residents. . As of late October 2017, Puerto Rico has reported an estimated 76 case of Leptospirosis due to contact with contaminated water. (2016) Viruses-to-mobile genetic elements skew in the deep Atlantis II brine pool sediments. Post-hurricane Infectious Outbreaks, UMHS student Nadya Perez Bastista has been conducting a literature search on post-hurricane outbreaks and epidemics in response to the effects of Hurricane Irma and Maria in the Caribbean. Fill out the form below to submit a White Page listing removal request. Annals of African Medicine. Thank your for your request. Dr. Esparza is currently involved in narrative and descriptive research. Abe T, Idachaba S, Eferoro E, Anyangwa O, Monday IT, Olunu EO. Venita Uzowulu: Examining the Threshold of Gastrointestinal Microbiota under Chronic Disease to Determine How Dysbiosis Affects the Enteric Nervous System. ACS Omega, (5), 8778-8785 DOI: 10.1021/acsomega.9b00204. . 2013 Jul;37(7):1067-75. Adrianna Thibault Stability of Midface Fracture Repair Using Absorbable Plate and Screw System Pilot Holes Drilled and Pin Placement at Angles Other Than 90 Degrees. Dextrocardia Podcast Episode 7: Raven Goodwin. Currently he is working on morphological parameters of clinical importance. He has published several papers in diverse fields of medicine and currently reviews for 13 Journals and serves as an Editor for two journals. Methods in Molecular Biology. 2018;17(3):133. Search with the last 4 digits of a phone number to view all listings with phone numbers containing that portion, Cutting Edge Skin Care For A Beautiful You, Grange Nursing Home & Health Care Facility The, Yello Partners with Branson Centre to bring Leadership In A Digital Age Virtual Summit, Six Ways That You Can Help Local Businesses To Recover This Holiday. The following are the research projects and laboratories that UMHS students can participate in and contribute to, in addition to examples of publications past and present. Dr. Alonso holds world-wide patents on the creation of human-human hybridomas and their production and use to generate monoclonal antibodies directed against tumor surface antigens for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Our findings report that imported chicken had the highest rate (11.6%) of Salmonella contamination and that imported pork (52.2%) had the highest rate of strains that harbored multiple drug resistance.

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