In odd years, the father would have the child on Thanksgiving and the mother would have the child on Christmas. If you don't want to pay the high cost of an attorney, and want to easily make your own schedule, you can use the Custody X Change software. You also must consider who this plan benefits. There is no “cookie cutter” holiday visitation schedule; each family likely has its own holiday traditions and the visitation schedule should respect that. The residential schedule determines where the child will live and when he or she will be in the care of each parent. If you and your ex-spouse are having trouble agreeing on your holiday visitation schedule, you should consult with your family law attorney. So, they see where issues arise and how to avoid those issues. Most standard holiday visitation schedules involve the parents taking turns having the child on the various holidays in even and odd years. They reduce stress, and they give the child more holiday time with each parent. It is a good idea to sit down with a family law attorney and discuss your parenting plan. You can use Custody X Change to help you create your visitation schedule whether you wish to follow a standard schedule or create your own customized one. What is the Standard Holiday Visitation Schedule in Texas? The possessory conservator or non-primary conservator shall have possession of the child in odd-numbered years, beginning at 6 p.m. on the day the child is dismissed from school before Thanksgiving and ending at 6 p.m. on the following Sunday, and the managing conservator shall have possession for the same period in even-numbered years; The Holiday schedule will always override the Thursday or Weekend schedules… And, if the court has yet to rule on your child custody case, be sure that you spend time on your holiday visitation schedule. Once school resumes, the parents then return back to the normal parenting time schedule.. Figuring out a holiday visitation schedule can be emotional. Court mediators also have this information. Though they’re not specifically holidays, you and your ex-spouse will still need to decide on parenting time to avoid arguments in the future. If you want to make changes to your parenting plan, you should notify the other parent in writing. This plan works better with longer school breaks such as the winter break which is commonly two weeks. Many people refer to the parenting plan as their “child custody agreement.”. If your local court does not have an official standard schedule, consider asking other divorced parents in your area about the visitation schedules they have. Likewise, if one parent is a veteran or serves in the military, it might be important for that parent to spend military holidays with their child. Though parents should work together on holiday parenting time, there are situations when parents cannot agree. The child spends the first half of the school break with this parent. Holidays are often an opportunity for kids to see family members they are not frequently around. These holidays are typically spent with the correlating parent. This is why it’s best to establish the holiday visitation schedule in the parenting plan. Here is a sample schedule from Tulsa County, Oklahoma: Creating a schedule on your own can feel overwhelming. CHILDREN'S HOLIDAY SCHEDULE ATTACHMENT. It is also nice for children because it takes away the pressure of having to rush to eat or open presents before heading to the location where the other parent is going to pick up the child. If the parents agree to raise their child with more than one religion, each parent might want to spend their specific religion’s holidays with the child. Your visitation calendar will always be accurate and you will be able to look at the entire year in advance to plan for vacations and other events. It enables each parent to plan for their respective major and religious holidays. When creating your parenting plan, take into consideration that there are different options when it comes to sharing holidays with your children. Ask yourself if it’s in the best interest of the child to split the holiday in half. They must agree with you about the changes and sign confirming they agree. Schedule a holiday twice: You can schedule time for each parent to celebrate a holiday with your child. Tips for Customizing Your Child Visitation Schedule . Consider the following days as well when creating your parenting plan. A residential schedule should provide the child with frequent, ongoing contact with both parents. If you want to know the specific laws regarding child custody in your area, research your local family law legislation. The parents may change this schedule by agreement. Auditor 419-213-4406 Board of Elections 419-213-4001 Canine Care & Control 419-213-2800 County Commissioners 419-213-4500 Sheriff 419-213-4908 When school is out for Winter Break, Spring Break, and Summer Vacation, the non-custodial parent is given more time to spend with the child. Consider how close you and the other parent live, and how contentious the child exchanges are. Also, in this sort of plan, use phrases like “parenting time shall begin release from last day of school before break” as opposed to specific dates as the dates will change each year. Confer with your ex-spouse on where the child will be for each of these major holidays. The best thing to do is to put yourself in your child’s shoes and decide what is best for them.

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