�Eɒh)��ZP�Ju�F�% There is no doubt that tourism is a global phenomenon. ) �l]�$���(e�l���@�ѣL�XyQ��܏�+)m�t��N:��﬎�y�1�4�(•�Մ��3�(�1�:��������R3{��],I@� ���S7w7P�ڙf�֓z@�==(1�a��K]�J(*�2PI�PMy�z5(�N�!L*9%*1R��3�A;��I�� /Filter /LZWDecode �4�t��(�������T��J4����NH���bʗ��S��=e1:H��ψ �X$���1 �@h7^\@��yؤd-�n��B77�j�ej��,r"M30��q�(9X�.#c��+2��-$�`��bZ� {~4������������d��Me�:0~��ܻ;t��vJ�]C��H��LFbvI�0�>��6W'a��nY�J{�鐯���j���OA�j����ɝ+�岉�h:�㌧`r\�x�. As a matter of fact, Nusa Tenggara Barat Province also implemented this model to develop its tourism sector through a good planning. ways of life have given rise to a demand for a more sustainable development in tourism. This phenomena Ecotourism is a sub-component of the field of sustainable tourism. Sustainable Development: Guidelines and Methodologies October 2007 Third Edition Published by the United Nations ISBN 978-92-1-104577-2 Sales No: E.08.II.A.2 07-53189—December 2007—2,300. �:�jv�!QzB�.c3B�޷H �@�+:ܞ�'��+D����U*J.TE#>�� �r��CA�"�,@��m�A$�nR1��D��L�R0���6��P�u�NIhm:�Ф;д� �/�r����2�MR��u#�B�3���T�T�>t�?YN)-1� �����A�F��h�O.� /Length 7 0 R Where CVBs or their related international body( ies) have made no express commitment to sustainable development, local authorities, as primary funders of CVBs, are in an excellent position to mobilise their awareness and support. This section focuses on what the tourism industry itself can do in order to increase its sustainability, defines three major problems, and suggests possible tourism initiatives to help solve these problems. 8����Wr��싧H��6B屹#4�v�I�ze)ӵZdz�c�换#؛8�%��z�b��14��$�#�;��%�➸,E�u6JN��%%�ު|���%��,����R���n©/ ړ�N�}��V*��B������.|�{�r�G �pX¥�q��a���o��.5��},����6�>ExK��/o$�^ۯ�^po �� ���xj���m8n����#��z-��*�,m��������7��(����t��Z���K��'���$����q~���=@d���k�H���v�k�6N�.�����(騲;����C�u�������t+����ۣ�A��бE��S�vЁl��!���s�].�&���*/D�U�߱�Qq��`v�q�;G�B���l���D;�ڠ��e���4/��c6����G�ޞ��^n��Ƕ]�m�����DlR�y�u��AOPK9��i%`k�m���2�'R�t� �X�b�b�А��i/%%l�F �Y@II �f����m/4���J9.$��[*�MIxҩ�Gr�ЭƸ�$T}D�D����Xp�$,h����'G�o;��q&YO�R|�BR�c��e���W�`,�SN^ĸ�q%�p�ݷ˶����M�����5��:'�F��Ut�%�E04�Q��G�t�&���� Poorly managed tourism can result in social and cultural impacts, undermining local communities. %���� Different parties will have to be involved in the process of developing sustainable tourism. The following principles are intended to guide the sustainable tourism operations in all national parks, nature sites and historical sites managed by Parks & Wildlife Finland. << Sustainable tourism can produce the same profits as conventional tourism, but more of the profits stay with the local community, and the region’s natural resources and culture can be protected. >> Sustainable development is becoming more relevant to be applied in various development sectors. ��a��3[яFբ� �!�;�.�[�CkB6�c�~X� �x4��p�oH�����vR��������z��1j��5n�>��t7��ڗ���b�)K�~�0�h�$A�b�B���' In many cases, conventional tourism practices of the past have posed a major threat to marine stream These principles are implemented also ... ment and development of the site promote uSe of the SiteS to increaSe health and well-being %���� *�ɤ����i!d��� V(z�T��fY���Q�ağ�H��&C.�9,{̆�ƉCN�h��t�Q)�v���E�G�*Pi�*Y#Ӫ��d�-( ( ҂.r�T� Ideally, such responsible companies in the tourism sector take into account the interests of their various stakeholders, are actively engaged in all aspects of sustainability, respect human rights and implement above-average working, social and environmental standards. In its 1999 annotated bibliography, the World Tourism Organization (WTO-OMT) reviewed about 100 books and more than 250 articles on sustainable tourism. $Ȭ���&VK��R�.�+sM�F��Nҿt�Rʕ8K�U��ɋ����ʥp�*�9s�U��ݫ�uܪ�����Ry sustainable development and align their strategies accordingly. The tourism sector earns Kenya an average of USD 1 Billion per year and also contributes significantly to the country’s GDP. 21. ��!��� �D�D(�"1� �B�Fx@�`4��j.��x�`\9FQ��H��I�Y��39��M�ʍ��HF#A��f1��G#�(�i �!Q�Uz�4�8@�s'�V$���@2Tdt����w���tqĎ�m���2z��cn�X����Vd�|�}4����[�m5�IR��k(�r2�j�1uPqU�@��[%ϕ�۳c!�Ϝ.���ղ�v+��>M���u��3�}|��'���+�6�ؔ5����f�:m�t��/rB�:ʸe+N�*���|>�=�r�!Q.�$���Bწ�E��ح��j�D�0r���;���+0�ȩ�; C��P�HУI%�~�°k:�:�*�)O�g/'q:`�8h`�����F�r�%�IC3')�{�@�|�Mt��'s���ϩڂq�0���Q>�Ԝ�N05)KAʼ�6H��L��j��Q�d�Sq��)�s� 6 0 obj ��!��� �D�D(�"1� �B�Fx@�`4��#�`�p�d 9D lzA" �#�p�_)��%����j2���� �;H��4���n �F���q�g�)xmR���8@�s)+V���[��j�a�]y�P��h��9��と��o\nca�ʹ]�|�Xk���&���z���� |�����L�C�l��;=.T �Q�{ф�67�2 The importance of sustainable tourism is also highlighted in SDG target 12.b. >> �2�j3�2= Ш�m e��TL�E�D̵��mT�O'� )��dV�M�OYg� �EB��9��襆u��Q�I��>vR�2�D�;9�V����D�|[�Q��@k^�)��SwJ��A5��O�6p�*o��u��w �bx�T�K"7§T9E{pSo�֎���i��u:W~�+�lg&������q)%�u.��JQ\.��n�� ���Quh�B�W�kEj~I3�-;�o�t��6���Q���\���}UU �P�1����z��*Զ��v@}�����|�EA�2��˙�9�W��d�d�l�€3��sf�F�4�\�����Fyi�l/B���764�|-��9:6�UP��;>�R�q($����֮|��p�� *eBԦ�)`ﴋǺ|�k�3��l�º[!�k��F0�J /Length 7 0 R BB5� Key words: Tourism, sustainable development, natural resource management, poverty … sustainable development literature, sustainable tourism is an area where the list of existing analyses is long and impressive. %PDF-1.2 stream �QwҘ���e��i��/{ƙ��N���~�Z�_z��� \�2�T��[v�©�Hg�U��\�� �G.�5κ���}��^[R��&7Y��P����+�Um���{�{����J2���i;o�� �����@��;���:��x������)��6�z���W0 �d����I��0�]z�qNuy����#�o/J��\�V�����S!�t�Ģ��⠡�|�� >7&�W9Oḍ�t���OO���^Q���Cp������3e���N�|\���E a46��d���W engaging in sustainable Tourism for recognition but as a demonstration of global citizenship and consciousness towards global challenges as outlined in the sustainable development goals. %PDF-1.2 ��n% Sustainable tourism development meets the needs of present tourists and host regions while protecting and enhancing opportunities for the future. Despite these sustained research efforts and irrespective Tourism and the Sustainable Development Goals – Journey to 2030, Highlights 7 to provide long-lasting benefits to countries and their people, while traditional and non-traditional donors have the opportunity to invest in tourism to drive positive development outcomes.

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