What’s in far shorter supply in much of the world than gorgeous homes to live in for free are people whose word can be counted on 100%, who act with common sense and take responsibility when situations arise. Then we put it back into circulation, ready and open to enjoy other stuff, and MUCH, MUCH MORE, like people, and places and Living Beings, and the adventures of learning and growing and discovering our amazing universe. The Zen road to affluence is not about how much we, When we awaken our perception of and relationship to the world in terms of the. Then we allow the World to BE as Big and Generous as it really is, instead of confining it to the smallness of what we imagined it to “be.”, However we live our lives, we feed Aliveness, one way or the other, unavoidably. Most people read that and think, “Oh, I should live in a, I’m not moralizing here about the size of your house, your car or anything. That’s learning. A School Beyond Borders for Way-Finders in Reality, Given to Venturing Beyond Sacred Cow Corrals, Passionately Cultivating Competence and Excellence for LIFE's Sake. Thus, the gap between means and ends can be narrowed by industrial productivity, at least to the point that "urgent goods" become plentiful. For most of human history we have achieved affluence not by producing much, but by following a different more sustainable and effective method. Some people have a talent for staying in touch with another reality, they are priests, shamans, healers. Are you ENJOYING Being? The Zen road to affluence embraces an adventure in learning to BE our wealth, Wealth requires being healthy. Some like making things, they make canoes, or cloth, or pots, or they carve. What would your Great-Grandmother say about you struggling to keep a roof over your head? No amount of additional money or things can improve such a life.Tai chi is beautiful. As WE grow in Living Wealth, money ceases being a big deal. Feeding oneself and each other is only a small part of coherent human living and yet it is related to all of living. Without health we cannot develop any high-level, subtle and responsive intelligence. We don’t put a bunch of useless junk and detours in between ourselves, our Aliveness, and our Enjoyment of Life. Your capacity for intelligent evaluation of your situation and coherent action goes to hell. We create opportunities, not just for ourselves, but for others as well, instead of waiting for them. He argues that hunter-gatherer and western societies have taken separate roads to affluence: hunter-gatherer societies have achieved affluence by desiring little, and modern western societies have achieved affluence by producing much. This wealth is not about what we have or don’t have. Those who WILL, DO! In Natural Intelligence we learn more and more ways to enrich more and more lives, contribute and lead ourselves to new capacities and mastery. -Derrick Jensen No thanks. To the latter it may never even occur that someone who does live-in-Living does so with qualities of Attention and Abilities far more subtle than even “the coherence of fishing, tidal movements, astronomy, and geology.” Such qualities of being make our categories infinitesimally minute as compared to the Awareness actually engaged. We are not only an “individual,” we are also the fruit of ancestral choices and consequences. I go back to the places I have lived and have even more abundant, nutritious, fully-vital and organic food then when I first went there. What does Sahlins mean by the Zen Road to Affluence? It makes all of this so worthwhile. We find ourselves enriched by having enriched everything around us. Speak Your MindWe are a supportive, caring and encouraging community of simple living, peace loving human beings.Discussion and debate is welcome here. As I’ve traveled, I’ve learned how to make OTHER people wealthier, even monetarily; to improve their health, transform their homes into food forests – even houses with zero soil and in the middle of cities. There is nothing evangelical about what’s offered here. EASILY! We can participate with the same Intelligence. Affluence can be easy when wants are limited. What is the Zen road to affluence? There is a tremendous gift to any living thing in ENJOYING it. I have spent years living richly all over the world, including the U.S. and Europe. Few people imagine that they could, for example, live for six months in a beautiful home on a wild, pristine coast with a four mile beach for only a few thousand dollars – or much less – all-in for the full six months! People laugh. Marshall Sahlins, in his essay The Original Affluent Society about the nature of so-called “hunter-gatherer” societies, describes them as “taking the Zen road to affluence.” What he boils their success to is “limited necessities and a proliferation of means.” The whole notion that “tribal peoples spent their entire lives trying to find food” is pure propaganda. None of this has anything to do with “living like they did back then.” It has everything to do with “living creatively in the mostly-unappreciated and unrecognized realities of today.” With experience, I’ve learned to allow and to challenge myself to live more simply, and richly. It’s simply natural to all of Life that hasn’t been forced into deviating from Living Intelligence. I would live for a Wealth of Aliveness, without shunning material things and without clinging to them. People in the United States are always proud to tell me how “busy” they are. Those who WON’T, DON’T. “Survival” is a form of misery that’s foreign to the Natural World. desiring little. They carved canoes, made blowpipes, they rolled a powerfully strong rope from the fibers of coconut husk. When I struck out on my own at seventeen I immediately decided to go into semi-retirement. The most interesting people I have met devoted ZERO percent of their life to “being or becoming interesting” or even to “doing interesting things.” Instead they were passionately interested, and engaged with Life. The people I got to know—aboriginal people in Malaysia, as well as wonderfully healthy and self-sufficient aboriginal people on a few islands of the Pacific, in the mountains of the Philippines—were different from each other, of course, speaking different languages, with different customs. All is well. And on ridiculously minute amounts of money for a lifestyle that most millionaires can’t afford. Consumption is a form of addictive behaviour and its hard to describe but the world feels more beautiful without it. But I understand that, Few people imagine that they could, for example, live for six months in a beautiful home on a wild, pristine coast with a four mile beach for only a few thousand dollars – or much less – all-in, It takes moving from “thinking” in the abstract to moving intelligently and discovering the nature of the many realities of what you desire. With time I began to discover that, in many places, the plants I would clear to put in a garden were actually, People-of-the-Land began orienting me to the, A few paragraphs ago I spoke of how many people live in houses larger than what they can really afford. So, what we sow into the experience of future generations of ALL Life Forms is what we will experience in ANOTHER Life Form. They lived off the land or the ocean. How? The greatest challenge to anything we desire is not ability – because with practice and effort we develop it – but WILL. What’s missing in their world are not homes, or cars, or food, or money, but Truth-FULL, Trust-WORTHY, Intelligent, Contributive and Response-Able People, too. They spend their days doing what they do best. Material things were to be enjoyed, not “married.”. The basis of Sahlins’ argument is that hunter-gatherer societies are able to achieve affluence by desiring little and meeting those needs/desires with what is available to them. They think I’m kidding. We are not “getting out of here.”  We are a part of all of this. The ancients knew them as slaves; people who beg for kindness from their masters, yet refuse. http://www.derrickjensen.org/2016/10/how-activist-derrick-jensen-makes-it-matter/, © 2020 Deep Freedom Now - WordPress Theme by Kadence WP, "A slave is one who waits for someone else to free him." This is one of the reasons your project is so incredibly important, because if the first rule of a dysfunctional family is don’t talk about it, then the first rule of breaking that is to talk about it. Of course, because they feel part of nature. As pointed out in, If your rent, food, and bills are more than your income, you either get your expenses DOWN or you start running around all stressed about money.

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