I trim mine down to the ground each fall season and they come back with a growth of 2 1/2 feet tall. I am doing the work myself and it is taking several days to uproot some of the old and tired shrubs. The Annabelle hydrangeas were replaced with Endless Summer ®Hydrangeas. Your home and yard are beautiful. If your plants haven’t been thriving or if the potting soil is compacted and no longer retains moisture, the mix is probably depleted and should … Creativity steroids!!! Here are some things to consider when choosing new bedding plants. We decided to do our updating ourselves since we have a small home. This is a new home for us and everything has to go. Yvonne, I hope you will not be disappointed with the winter berry bushes. If you have a home that is over 15 years old I bet you are dealing with aging foundation plants. The best time to rejuvenate large, overgrown shrubs is late winter or early spring (March or early April… Definitely things to keep in mind when updating your landscaping. Keep the soil of balled-and- burlapped or container plants moist until planting. Redoing the landscape in stages is a great idea, cost-wise and work-wise! Just gorgeous! Did you know that you can control their height by trimming? We are in process of doing the same thing. Even though it’s late in the season, your shrubs will be happier in the ground than in pots. You can see from the image below that the Queen Ann Lilac tree is very leggy and top heavy. Return to Table of Contents . THE JACQUELINE AND JONATHAN GUEST BEDROOM, 5 BIG DECORATING MISTAKES AND WAYS TO FIX THEM. I love the walkways and beautiful landscaping around your home. plants blocking air conditioning units and any vents, remove the dead Ash tree stump that keeps growing back and reseed with grass. It looks beautiful. We want to take the sidewalk out and put fill dirt to build the yard up and add a few plants. I enjoyed this post. Huh! Cost per medium shrub is $40 to $75, and cost per large shrub is $75 to $150. Take the shrub out of its pot and gently loosen the roots. Yvonne….very interesting and informative post. Best wishes for happy growing! You are an inspiration. Great post. Today on DECORATING TIPS AND TRICKS we are talking about OUR STAIRWAYS. Since I have retired I have been able to spend more time in my garden and inside my home. The little shrubs that were planted years ago have grown into shrubs … Don’t spend your valuable time resurrecting a dying plant when it is better to replace it with a plant or plants that enhance your property. I would like to find a controllable evergreen to put on either side of the front steps.The area faces north with one side more shaded than the other. Proper pruning can renew or rejuvenate overgrown, deciduous shrubs. They just got way too unruly. Are those fields like the corn etc.. part of your property? Subscribe  by e-mail to receive daily inspiration. We kept the boxwood trimmed and neat but they were now hiding over half of our porch railing. Your home and yard looks clean and fresh; just what we need. Replacing landscape plants is definitely a must when disease strikes; however, unless there’s a newer, compact version of Endless Summer, I do believe your hydrangeas will grow huge. Once we identify your current plant’s problem I would recommend that you replace your current plants with ‘Willamette’, ‘Meeker’, or ‘Cascade Delight’ which produce fruit in the June-July time frame, or the Heritage’ or ‘Caroline which produce from June/July to first frost. We have lived in it for 26 years, and have had to do some major pruning on our original foundational bushes. Phase Two:  This phase came about after we replanted the front. Your tips on taking care of them were so helpful!!!! Now that we are “aging gardeners,” we always take into consideration how tall the foundation plantings will be at maturity. We decided early on that this was not a DIY project for us. It’s still has to look pretty though, so major planning involved. I liked the before pictures too but, they seem to give your home a facelift and look at home in your garden already. !Totally awesome. Thanks for the post. Since wet soils can reduce plant growth and survival, you should … And I have had a long love affair Endless Summer hydrangeas! And the Annabelles were higher than our railing in full season! Our home often feels like a hotel, filled with family and friends. We had so much work to do on our yard. I’ve only been in this house one growing season, so I have only just fertilized it, kept it watered and stabilized the plants by tying them to the fence for support. Subscribe to receive updates in your inbox. Great family owned nursery with amazing plants originated right here in my home state of Minnesota! It was a sad day. Tree-like plants (like poinsettia) and some vegetable plants … While some woody plants such as Texas sage or oleander can be rejuvenated by severely pruning them back, not all plants respond favorably to this and grow out again. As you can see getting our boxwood’s out was a big undertaking. Thanks for sharing this post. My home is white with black shutters and a light blue front door. So Winterberry and Hydrangeas were a must! Intially it took more than a few years just to get it cleaned up from the overgrown mess left by the former owners. Know which options your plants need depends on their type. All in good time, as the budget allows. I am older now and don’t have any desire to do a lot of trimming. The summer plants come back every year voluntarily so it cuts down on costs. the new front looks great!!! Winterberry is a deciduous holly that has bright, fire red berries that remain on the stem during the winter. But after 23 years they too were overgrown. We just finished a kitchen remodel and have already decided that next Spring we will be redoing some items outside. roots disturbing walkways, house foundation, or driveways, roots growing up out of the lawn, etc. The berries on your bushes will not last all winter, maybe three weeks at the most. She has replanted with a small one. Thank you for the tips on what plants to use and how to care for them. It all looks wonderful. I could not be happier! They did a not bad job on the hardscape, but the plantings and lawn have to be replaced. Beautiful – our 18 year old plants need replacing – thanks for the inspiration. However, this story has a happy ending because I found a gorgeous replacement for them… First Editions® Wildfire™ Winterberry. On the other side I planted perennials – foxglove, lupine, daisies, roses, as well as some pots of basil, parsley, etc. The team, I had here, also moved a lot of my perennials, and expanded on what I had in place. I was just telling my husband recently that I thought it was about time we start to talk to the landscaper about some things that I think are becoming over grown so I appreciate your suggestions! Replace the soil and firm it down. I had seen the Winterberry plants in landscaping in our area and I love how they berries stay on the plant in the winter. I love your new landscape! Landscaping Services and Landscape Design offered in Beverly Hills • Birmingham • Bloomfield • Bloomfield Hills  • Franklin  •  Pleasant Ridge • Traverse City • …More, Birmingham, Berkley, Oak Park, and Traverse City. I like the plants you chose. When preparing any hole for planting, make it two to three times … Your email address will not be published. I originally wanted to keep the spirea (bridal veil) but after seeing how fresh the front looked the spirea looked very overgrown and sloppy. Here is what was planted in the area that was being dug up. This time around we retained, discarded, and had some extensive pruning done, to our existing shrubs. A lot of good tips!!!! In the winter you will be entertained by birds who come to your winterberry buffet. My dear friend, Gail from Clay and Limestone has been the best help suggesting native shrubs to replace my sad roses. I’m looking forward for the birds to have a little feast and give us a show! They had just started up their own business and thought having a backhoe would make them instant gardners. Continue to do the amazing work you do. I noticed your link for that plant was Bailey Nursery. We recently had to remove diseased rose bushes from the front of our home and some thorny bushes with orange berries from around the back deck. It looks so refreshed and heat, such a good feeling, like a fresh start. Great post. I love cut flowers all around my house!!

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