Hereward the Wake (known at the time as Hereward the Exile) raids the monastery and town with an army of Danish mercenaries, ostensibly to stop the wealth of Peterborough from falling into the hands of the new Norman Abbot. McGurk, a Lincolnshire thegn named Hereward led a fierce resistance movement against Norman rule. Hereward the Wake was given his lands back and reference to his lands are made in the Domesday Book. Hereward the Wake. . grandfather Sir Hugh Wake of Bourne in Lincolnshire inherited in 1265 the Manor of Blisworth. But he apparently held out against the Normansuntil King William was persuaded to come to terms. Hereward is an Old English name, composed of the elements here, "army" and ward "guard" (cognate with the Old High German name Heriwart). The epithet "the Wake" is recorded in the late 14th century and may mean "the watchful", or derive from the Anglo-Norman Wake family who later claimed descent from him. Hereward was born on February 11 1876, in Knightsbridge, London, Middlesex, England UK. Hereward the Wake: Last of the English (also published as Hereward, the Last of the English) is an 1866 novel by Charles Kingsley.It tells the story of Hereward, a historical Anglo-Saxon figure who led resistance against the Normans from a base in Ely surrounded by fen land.It was Kingsley's last historical novel, and was instrumental in elevating Hereward into an English folk-hero. J.J.N. He lived in a ma Hereward Wake was born on month day 1916, at birth place, to Hereward Wake, DSO, CMG, CB and Margaret Winifred 'Daisy' Wake (born Benson). Hereward the Wake It is not known how long Hereward the Wake lived as outlaws in the forests of the Fens. . Four years after William I's conquest of England, writes J.J.N. The Danes “came with many ships and wanted [to get] into the minster, and the monks withstood so that they could not come in McGurk | Published in History Today Volume 20 Issue 5 May 1970. "The Wakes of Blisworth" A talk given in Blisworth Village Hall [1] by Sir Hereward Wake on 28th March 2003. [Sir Hereward's text has been supplemented with some hyperlinks]-----Over 700 years ago my great, great, gr .

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