Being a cat, I wasn't aware that you can get + and - keyboards and the pedal must match up...apparently Yamaha and Casio just don't get along (a bit like cats and dogs). Blessings to you. I pluged the sustain pedal after I powered it up. Thank you guys (but why make pedals with a back to front setting in the first Check out How To Read Music Fast: A 4-Step Beginner's Guide To Reading Music Quickly And Easily. But in the last 6 months i bought 5 different pedals of several producers, and all brokes after few days!! I've done everything. Die Preisentwicklung zeigt die historischen Daten ausschließlich von Anbietern aus diesem Land. Yamaha P-45B Digital Piano schwarz + M-Audio SP-2 | Universal Sustain Pedal / Dämpferpedal Bundle Preis vom: 25.09.2020, 08:30:27 (Preis kann jetzt höher sein!) I tried factory resets and everything. The moxf8 is so good and powerful. The sustain pedal operation can become reversed if the pedal is pressed down while the power is being turned ON. If a sustain pedal plugged into a Yamaha keyboard is producing the opposite effect - sustaining when the pedal is not depressed, and not sustaining when it is depressed - it's usually because (a) the pedal was plugged in while the keyboard was turned on, or (b) the pedal was depressed while the unit was powering on. the two leads attach to the board, but there is an unused path on the board that also says "on" and it is at the bottom instead of the top of the button's path. I have a Yamaha moxf8 keyboard that I recently purchased. Thank you - thought I was going to have to dismantle the switch and swap over wire a la you tube! Thanks. There is no polarity switch on the pedal. I also had this problem when I first set up the piano. thanks a million. Is there something i have to do to assisng the pedal to sustain? I have Korg and Yamaha keyboards and lots of sustain pedals that began to change. Anyone tried the pedals on p45 to give me a feedback? 4.7 out of 5 stars 143. But it would typically reverse back to normal when I reboot the machine. Especially if you are going LIVE! Any help here would be sweet bceause i have to use it this sunday. Turn the power on. messed me up. Join in and write your own page! As a result, user can get both half and full damper. Vorkasse, Kreditkarte, PayPal, sofortü kostenfrei. I have the cheaper pedal. I flipped the pedal over and there is a switch to reverse the pedal so now it works perfectly. Es können maximal 12 Produkte verglichen werden, Copyright © 1997-2020 Preisvergleich Internet Services AG, Metronom, Transposition, Feinstimmung, Dual/​Layer, Split, Duett, USB to Host (Typ B), 1x Kopfhörer (6.35mm), Sustain-Pedal, Beliebteste Produkteigenschaften anzeigen, (Dieses Produkt hat aktuell keine Angebote), Yamaha Arius YDP-164 schwarz matt (YDP-164B), Yamaha Arius YDP-144 schwarz matt (YDP-144B), Yamaha Arius YDP-144 weiß matt (YDP-144WH), Yamaha Clavinova CLP-735 schwarz matt (CLP-735B), HP Druckkopf mit Tinte 302 dreifarbig (F6U65AE), Microsoft Precision Mouse, schwarz, USB/Bluetooth (GHV-00002). Everything looks fine. You can also get different types of sustains with this. Maybe this will help someone else. Yamaha has come to a step closer to making the perfect beginner’s piano with the Yamaha P45 model. Turn the power on. Thank you, Thank you. This thread is archived. Unplug the sustain pedal. By the way, we're using a Roland pedal. After working with Yamaha pedals for many years and throwing away about 10 of them, I've found that you can simply change the polarity by holding the pedal down while plugging it in to the back of your keyboard. Verified Purchase. To reverse the polarity: Turn the piano off, find the FUNCTION button, plug in your foot pedal, and when you power back on make sure you hold down the function button at the same time. Alle Angaben ohne Gewähr. The only problem I'm having is the sustain pedal I was sold with it is Proline supposedly compatible for my keyboard. This CAUTION should be included with every footswitch that Yamaha sells, but it isn't. (lula Ga), When I press down on the sustain pedal, it mutes the sound. Then I found this page.. flipped the switch at the pack of the pedal.. and it was all back to normal. Simply click here to return to Yamaha Keyboards Discussions. We have a Casio WK-240 and a Yamaha FC4A pedal. I tried too look for a switch on the pedal. 18 comments. Still nothing. thank you thank you thank you - i thought i was going crazy ( perhaps i am but the pedal is fine now 0 again THANK YOU, I had the exact same problem with my Casio keyboard and a Yamaha sustain pedal I bought. ... 1.0 out of 5 stars Works only in reverse! ?Email is drumlime @ Plug in the pedal, cycle the power off then on again and do not press any keys! I bought a Yamaha sustain pedal for my human who's current pedal gave out, only to find that WORKS BACKWARDS! Keyboard sustain pedal working in reverse?? Any ideas how to fix this? I have tried all of the suggestions I read here power cycling and such , no sustain occurs. The solution ? On setup, pedal worked in reverse, as noted in below comments. It reversed the polarity on my pedal. Mine is on the bottom. Keine Preisentwicklungsdaten von Anbietern aus Österreich vorhanden.

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