They also retain much more of their volume. Serve with a side dish of boiled potatoes, buckwheat or pasta. Background music credits:- Ncs music:- melody loops-light of hope #Maimunavlogs #howtofry #onionscrispy. but remember that point while adding salt in the vegetable so that the quantity of salt should not increase. Add onions, fry until slightly limp state. tip – to fry onion quickly, add some salt in the pan while frying onion. Mix everything thoroughly. … When onions have browned, reduce heat to low and continue cooking until they reach desired doneness. You end up with browned onions that retain their shape and some texture. How to fry mushrooms with onions and minced meat. So which method is better? Salt to taste, if necessary, pour pepper. – The key to being able to sauté onions without oil is to brown the onions before cooking – when they first go into the pan – not during or after the cooking process, so be sure your pan is very warm. Cook, stirring occasionally. Ingredients Required: because of salt onion will take less time to be fried. Bring to readiness. The answer is, of course, that it depends. Next step add mushrooms. The second method cooks the onions more quickly over higher heat so that they brown before they have a chance to break down. Cover the top with a lid. 3.

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